Be Yourself (But Better!)

Posted by Alia Yusuf on
Waist training seems to be all over the internet these days. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba have sworn they worked wonders for their figures. The basic idea is that you wear an extremely tight corset around your waist and tummy all day and/or night (depending on what program you choose) and over the course of a few days or weeks, you’ll have a slimmer tummy and more of an hourglass figure. So, is this a fad? Or something everyone is going to have in their closet soon? There’s no way to tell, but be sure to know the facts about waist training before you take the plunge, because it’s not as straightforward as it sounds. Physicians have warned us about the dangers of using tightly-laced tubes of fabric to change the shapes of our bodies in the long term. Waist training is not without risks or consequences. Shortness of breath and skin abrasions are at the top of the list with compressed lungs, crushed organs, and fractured ribs rounding out the most extreme consequences of using waist trainers. And on top of that, any results you might get aren’t even permanent! Physicians agree that spot reducing is just not possible. So if you really want to change the shape of your body, a more long-term lifestyle change is a better option, since any results garnered from a waist trainer is going to be temporary. Personally, I think with the right bra, shapewear, and cut of a dress, anyone can have a figure they weren’t born with for a few hours. LET'S CELEBRATE THE BEAUTIFUL BODIES WE WERE BORN WITH This makes me seem like I’m anti-shapewear. Believe me, I’m not! I’m alllll about enhancing what you’ve already got. But everything must be done in moderation. Corsets (like Curvy Couture’s Animal Attraction) are a great way to slim your figure and fake that hourglass shape occasionally and for a few hours at a time. But for me it’s just not an every day, every outfit kind of thing. It’s for special occasions when I want to look super sultry. Because for me, it’s best to be comfortable in the skin you’re in with the shape you’ve got, although a little harmless fudging here or there doesn’t hurt. If I can get a bra that makes my girls perkier (such as the Love Affair Plunging Balconette), then I’m all in. I mean, I’ve got to wear a bra anyway, so why not get one that makes me look ahhhmazing? Besides, just like our hair, make-up, and clothing, women’s figures go in and out of style too. Detailed here, the “perfect” female body in America has changed decade by decade. In the 1920s it was all about having a straight boyish figure. By 1950 curves were back and, just like today, butt and hip pads were sold to enhance those women who weren’t born as fabulously curvy as us ladies. Fast-forward to the 1960s, a mere 10 years later, and Twiggy set the scene for waif-thin with pixie-like features to be the “it” style of the decade. And now its 2015 and we’re practically back where we started 100 years ago as the wasp- waist and flaring hips is the “hot body” of today. Rather than (literally!) breaking our backs to make our bodies fit the trends of today, let’s just celebrate the beautiful bodies we were born with…with some temporary enhancement when special occasions arise… ;)

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