Because Style Knows a Thing or Two About the Sexy Curves of Curvy Couture

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Because Style has shined the fashion spotlight on the sexy curves of Curvy Couture recently. Take a look at what their fashion experts have to say about what's sexy and provocative for curves.

Bodacious Bras and Provocative Panties

When only one of us attended the recent Curve Expo featuring designer lingerie and swim show, some of the others were jealous. Our testosterone laden co-workers couldn’t understand why they might not have been the ideal candidates to vet the new trends in undies. After all, they asked- “Who appreciates sexy undergarments more than we do?”

Well, we do. We the women who have to pay attention not only to the sleek, lacy and shimmery, but also to the lift and support and comfort. And while we loved looking at all the new styles, we were particularly entranced with a new line called Curvy Couture which targets fuller figures.

While lines for the more bountiful of breasts is not new, the ethos of this particular brand is. The line was launched in 2012 by Hong Kong born entrepreneur Dora Lau, who admits that as a teen, she was a bit fuller of figure and had to make a lot of her own clothing. Her new line celebrates the intrinsic sexiness in the fuller figure. No more cheap fabric or odd shapings. No more added fabric and pinching underwires. And we learned that seams are “heat sealed” instead of sewn which protects skin from pinching or chafing.

Lau has been designing underthings for companies like Lane Bryant and J.C. Penney for years and brought a new philosophy and vision to creating glamorous and comfortable underthings. Bras are available in sizes 36C-44H and retail between $48.00-$55.00 and include clever detailing like padded microfiber straps, seamless styling and unexpected extras including double bows or dangling crystals.

We’re particularly entranced with her soon to launch Animal Lace collection, especially the corsets which look like they won’t pinch or poke; as well as the new cotton luxury collection which brings a bit more beauty to every day underthings.

It's good to know that the bodacious and provocative styling of CurvyCouture are appreciated by smart fashionistas like those at Because Style.

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