Hiding Cookies in Your Bra (No Not That Type of Cookie!)

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When you are shopping for big bras online, you have likely come across the term cookies. What the heck do cookies and bras have to do with one another?! While there’s no denying that both are great ‘inventions’, unfortunately the retailer probably isn’t talking about the type of cookie that immediately pops into our head (or at least my head).

The type of cookie that they are referring to is actually a part of some bras that is used to give shape to breasts and add a little bit of push up, so that you can get the look you want in some of those sometimes flattering shirts. Cookies are a pad that is shaped to fit the specific curvature of the breast, so that your chest has a fuller look. Different from padded full figure bras, cookies are actually easily removed and inserted into the cups of bras, making your favorite bra versatile for any occasion.


Now, you are probably wondering why a curvy woman such as yourself would ever need to hide cookies in their curvy bras. Or even buy a bra with padding for that matter. But, the reality is, you may not be looking for the added va va voom of a push up, but the shaping feature that can come from cookies. All too often the shirts that we purchase because they look good are figure-hugging, so you want your chest to appear supported, with just a little bit of enhancement.

Keep in mind however, that not all curvy bras offer the feature to insert cookies, and finding a bra in a larger size that does have this feature can be rather challenging…unless you know where to shop. Curvy Couture offers a number of their Hollywood couture designed bras with the option to insert and remove cookies as you please. This is simply another way that the site provides curvy women like us a way to feel sexy and comfortable in anything we put on.

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