Kelsey Rose On Finding Her Perfect Fit

Curvy Couture is excited to feature plus-size model, Kelsey Rose, who recently appeared on the reality show “Revenge Body” hosted by Khloe Kardashian.  Kelsey is one of our icons – she is smart, gorgeous, sometimes badass, and we love her dedication to the body-positivity and self-love movements.
Kelsey lost a total of 65 pounds after initially weighing in at 262 pounds.  When a woman’s body changes that dramatically, we mostly think about shopping for new clothing. But what’s even more important is getting fit for a new bra.  In Kelsey’s case, she went from a 42DDD to a 36DDD! That was truly a transformation, as Kelsey told us, “I can't even tell you how much better I feel in the right size! As my body has transformed, so has my wardrobe.”
The Tulip Smooth T-Shirt bra she’s wearing in this video is super lightweight and so smooth it feels like second skin, making it her new everyday favorite bra.
Ashley Graham spoke with Kelsey on the show, giving her support and styling tips.  It was during that time that Ashley commented on how Kelsey wasn't wearing the right bra. Curvy Couture stepped in to help find a new bra that matched Kelsey’s new body.  The transformation was truly dramatic! As Kelsey tells us, “I didn’t know how bad wearing the wrong size bra was until I got fitted for the perfect one.”  
The change was dramatic. Here's one of our favorite pictures. A before and after of Kelsey wearing the 42DDD and her 36DDD bra! 
Curvy Couture Tulip Smooth Push Up Kelsey Rose Takes Off Her Bad Ill Fitting Old Bra
As many women have told us, and Kelsey confirmed, wearing the wrong size bra after a significant change in your body doesn’t make you feel confident.  When the fit isn’t right, everything is in the wrong place and there is the constant pulling and tugging on your bra. “You start to realize how much you fidget with ill-fitting bras after you find the right one!”
Once Kelsey had the right fitting bra, that all changed. She tells us how once she was fit, and found her new size, it brought out her personality and she felt super stylish and sexy! “Having that support in your bras after losing weight not only brings physical benefits but also mental -- a bra should make you feel sexy even if it's just under a t-shirt!” Kelsey told us with so much enthusiasm we couldn’t help but be super proud! (Pictured here in our Glistening Embroidered set)
Curvy Couture Glistening Embroidery V-Neck Bra and Hipster Panty Kelsey Rose
Wearing the right size bra and making sure you have the perfect fit isn’t just for evening gowns. It’s also for working out!  The more confident a woman feels when she is ready to workout, the better the workout! That means: getting the best support, making sure the bra has antimicrobial properties (to stay smelling nice!) and looks great.  
Here’s Kelsey wearing our Zip Fit Sports Bra.  Fit and fantastic!
Kelsey wore the Curvy Couture sports bras and loved how she was able to jump, run, and fully commit to her work out.  
Drum roll!  Kelsey looked super sexy in this “Revenge Body” finale photo wearing our Strapless Sensation!
Get the look! Kelsey selected the Tulip Smooth T-Shirt bra as her new everyday favorite t-shirt bra. She also works out in the Confident Wire Free sports bra.

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