Vivica Fox Takes to Instagram Praising Curvy Couture for Her Curves

Women everywhere are dressing their curves with Curvy Couture. Don't believe us?! Just take a look at what Vivica Fox posted to her Instagram account today! This talented actress shares her new lingerie styles and encourages others to find a Curvy Couture way to dress their curves too.

Take a look!

Curvy Couture Vivica A. Fox

Her post reads:

“Happy Tuesday! Got a fabulous gift package sent to me that I have to share! These gifts are from #CurvyCouture. They come in all sorts of colors and styles that are just awesome for the ladies with curves! To find out more info n fun styles go to or tweet them @CurvyCouture1 or facebook ya comments to them at CurvyCoutureIntimates and let them know what are ya favorites! Enjoy girlfriends n Stay Curvy :-) “

Thanks for the praise msvfox!! We’re glad we can help dress your curves.