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Review: Curvy Couture T-shirt Bra

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image provided courtesy of Curvy Couture


We all have bra design pet peeves. Underwires that poke until blood is drawn. Completely unnecessary padding – as in padding DDD cups. 1) A longstanding argument with people on the other side of the measuring tape about the actual size of my breasts…

I am far from the only woman who has this challenge – and for the sake of the breasted masses I take on every bra review I can manage. Curvy Couture, one of the great retailers stepping up to provide better underpinnings for those of us with extra to underpin, sent me the bra version of boy shorts: their T-shirt bra.  I admit skepticism at first when I got it. It wasn’t padded exactly, but it was definitely shaped. I tried it on – threw a T-shirt over top – and wow. I wound up wearing the bra three days in a row just to see what it might stand up to. Not a single strap fallen, not even on my weird broad-but-sloping shoulders. The padding did not seem unnatural or weirdly confrontational. (No torpedo jokes here.) It simply stayed up, stayed on, and this is strictly anecdotal – I could swear it helped my energy levels. This is one really well designed bra. I wound up wearing a 44C; this worked great. In better news for most of my readers, Curvy Couture offers this all the way up to a 44H. For those that go beyond it, the design and construction is good enough it might be genuinely worth considering a bra strap extender.

Seriously. This is one good bra.