Bra Shopping Is No Longer a Chore

I think it’s safe to say that every curvy woman has had to deal with the difficulty of purchasing a bra that isn’t supportive or just isn’t what you need, and then having to return it. When this happens every time you purchase a bra from the department store, not only is this a waste of your time and energy, but a waste of gas too! And, sometimes shopping online isn’t any better, especially because you aren’t able to try it on and still have to pay for return shipping (in some cases).

That is one thing that I love about Curvy Couture! Not only do they specifically make their curvy bras for women with curves and in cup sizes C-H, but they want to ensure that you are truly satisfied with your purchase. A fit guide helps you to measure yourself at home to be sure that you are in the right bra size to begin with, but the site also offers a ‘pick 2’ option. This means that if you feel you are in between sizes or simply aren’t sure if you measured yourself correctly, that you can choose two different sizes of big bras from their site. When you package arrives, all you have to do is try on both to see which one fits you better and return the one that doesn’t for free. That’s right, I said FREE!

There aren’t too many other lingerie retailers that offer as much support and as many tools to help ensure that the fit of your bra is what you want and need. Bra shopping should never be a chore that leaves you with unhappy results. With Curvy Couture shopping for curvy bras may just become a habit that brings a great big smile to your face.

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