created for you, by women like you

We celebrate Every Kind of Curvy. As a women owned business our mission is to uplift curvy women, both in body and mind.
Through artful innovative and design, we create high-quality bras that fit

Band Sizes 34-46 | Cup Sizes C-J


Beyond Beige

We design fashionable & trending styles for this customer and go beyond the beige bra. With us, she gets sexy, affordable luxury, great quality/value, supportive options in her size.


Beyond grading

  • We fit on real industry level models and wear test in various sizes including G - J cups
  • Feedback from fit models, bra technicians, and brand loyal customers help to continuously improve our fit so that every garment feels as it was tailor made, just for you.
  • There are industry standards and there are Curvy high-level standards that are next level of bra engineering.


Bras with Guts

Every component is selected to ensure that even the fullest & most dense breasts are lifted with no digging, offering both all day comfort & support. 

  • DETAILS: Every component and every stitch counts; both are carefully selected for styling, fashion, and functionality. 
  • WIRE: We use specific graded underwire gauges that gradually get stronger in bigger cup sizes to provide uplift, hold, and structure. 
  • CUSHIONED SUPPORT: We select the comfiest plush channeling so that you don’t feel the wire. 
  • STRAP & ELASTICS: With comfort stretch and recovery that are proportionally graded between sizes for comfort and support. 


Made to Last

Our commitment to quality =  replacing your bras less often

We seek and test functional materials for essential support—weightless, breathable, and feel great against skin! Our strategic sourcing and testing involve multi-step processes, ensuring durability, stretch, and top quality, with some fabrics taking 6-12 months to be sourced, developed, and tested. 


We Are The Majority

We are #EveryKindofCurvy

With a curvy body, a bold voice, a full mind and a passion for fashion, she is every kind of woman, every kind of beautiful. While our community grows, our values remain strong- always support and uplift each other. Always.We are here to inspire you to be your best self—authentically, uniquely you—as well as providing insightful Bra Education. Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge on bra fit and sizing, so your bra journey can be a comfortable one.

We are here to inspire being your best self - authentically, uniquely you.



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