Closet Chaos...There Is A Cure

Don’t say no. I know this has happened to you. You open your bedroom closet door and it looks like a small bomb went off. Clothes and shoes are all over the place. What happened? Too tired last night (or was it the night before?) to hang up those pants. Just kicked off those shoes didn’t you? Oops! You were a little off target in hitting the laundry basket. It happens to the best of us…but closet chaos isn’t terminal. We can fix this! First of all open those doors. You want to see what you have in what will soon be all its glory. If you have sliding doors you can only see half your stuff at a time. Consider swapping out those sliders for bi-fold doors. Or better yet…get rid of all the hardware and hang beautiful fabric panels high and wide on the outer wall. They look great closed and when opened you can see everything. OUTDATED THINGS YOU HAVE NOT WORN HAVE TO GO! Now that you can see everything; it’s time to dive in there and purge. If we are truly honest with ourselves, close to 75% of what we have jammed in our closets we never actually wear. I bet some of those “had to have” items still have their tags on them. Some were such “great deals” that we couldn’t pass them up. But now, those good deals are just money wasted. Some were the size we wanted to be. Wishful thinking is nice. But wouldn’t it be better to have beautiful things for who we are right now? Old favorites that you haven’t worn in a couple of years probably need to go too. Set up a donate pile and a keep pile. You may want to have a consign pile. Maybe you can recoup some costs here. Outdated, Haven’t Worn and just plain Ratty things have to go. Now is also a great time to go through you lingerie. If it looks tired and worn it will not perform as it should. Besides, Curvy Couture is right here to help with replacements. Time to put everything back! Don’t be too hasty. When our closet is empty it is the best time to make little changes to its structure that will make all the difference in how we use our closet going forward. Try installing another rod under the existing one. Double hanging clothes gives us twice the capacity in half the space. Win! Win! Rods are available on-line and in hardware stores everywhere and can cost as little as $10. The great thing in gaining extra space is that with all that room we can add open shelving and/or a small chest of drawers. Open shelving is actually better because hidden items can also mean lost items that we never use and that means wasted money. Besides when all our cubbies are full we may be less likely to impulse buy. No purchase if there is no place to store it.

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