Curvy Couture and Bonggamom Finds are Seeing Pink This Month!

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Bonggamom Finds, a great site for women of all ages, reminds their followers that Curvy Couture is seeing pink this month. In a recent blog post, the site encourages women to purchase our pink curvy bras to help raise money for the Pink Heals Tour. Take a look!

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During the month of October 2013, Curvy Couture will donate 10% of sales from any pink bra available at in support of The Pink Heals Tour.

Since 2007, the Pink Heals Tour has been bringing its pink fire trucks to communities from coast to coast. Its goal is to raise cancer awareness and to honor and support those who are battling cancer. The Pink Heals pink fire truck tour is fully supported by volunteers, firefighters, and police officers that donate their time and effort toward fundraising for local charitable support.

Thanks for the nod Bonggamom Finds, and we encourage more women to shop this month for their favorite bras in pink. Every little bit of pink helps to heal!

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