Curvy Girl October: Sarah Stednitz

Curvy Couture Curvy Girl October Sarah Stednitz

This month Curvy Couture recognizes Sarah Stednitz as Curvy Girl October. If you ask someone to describe a scientist, the words fashionable, creative, and feminine don't usually come to mind. I am a graduate student in neuroscience, and I think of myself in those ways.FEMININITY DOES NOT LIMIT OR DEFINE MY ABILITIES We have a lot of expectations for what kind of people assume certain roles. As a little girl it never occurred to me that I would be where I am today, and the reason I am is because a handful of open-minded mentors reached out to me. Most of those mentors are amazing women that I will always be grateful to. In recognition of their contributions, I have pursued science outreach by visiting classes from 5th grade to high schools. I have two goals with this work: to show that science is exciting and creative rather than rigid and intimidating, and to show that any kind of person can do it as long as they are passionate. Femininity is not a diminishing quality, it does not limit or define my abilities. It is not mutually exclusive to being assertive, analytical, or powerful. It also does not require supermodel looks that fall within a narrow definition of beauty. It's part of who I am, and that is a person I am proud to be.



Curvy Couture Curvy Girl October Sarah Stednitz



For her passion and dedication, Sarah Stednitz is our October Curvy Girl. Are you our next Curvy Girl of the Month? Click here to enter for a chance to win a free lingerie wardrobe and be featured on

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