Curvy Girl September: Lynn Clark

Curvy Couture Lynn Clark Curvy Girl September
This month Curvy Couture recognizes Lynn Clark as Curvy Girl September. Back in 2012 I was the most miserable successful person I knew. I was popping valium to get into my car and go to the job I had striven for all of my career. I was always ill. And I hated myself, my body, my life … except for one little thing: my boudoir photography studio. A year before, I stumbled upon a field of photography I didn’t know was a “thing”–taking sexy photos of women in their underwear. I’d done a shoot a few years before, but it seemed something to keep secret. Something shamefully naughty. When I did that session, the photographer left me feeling a little less, hard to work with because of my curves. I did love a few of the photos, but that nagging feeling that I wasn’t good enough for that photographer continued. So when I first encountered a woman who asked me to take photos of her in her bridal lingerie before her wedding, I said sure, why not? I had no idea what I was doing (it was also my first wedding to shoot). When I showed her those photos, she told me she was stunned, that she never really saw herself as a sexy woman before. She’d always been just one of the guys. I have never felt so lit up than when hearing her talk about this tiny transformation in how she sees herself.
I began learning and getting better. Soon, I had a flourishing little business. Fast forward to May 2015, and I’ve had a full-time boudoir portrait studio for two years. You see, I quit that awful job, taking a leap into photography full time. I’ve photographed more than 200 women of all shapes and sizes. Every time, something inside me heals a little bit. I do not allow body shaming in my studio, or negative self-talk. My mission is to hold up a mirror to my clients and show them what the rest of the world sees–and it’s not the muffin top or the stretch marks, but a sensual, confident, beautiful woman. My vision is to live in a world where every woman understands that she is enough, right now. Enough to be seen. Enough to be heard. Enough to be loved. You are, and so am I.
Curvy Couture Lynn Clark Curvy Girl September
For her vision and courage, Lynn Clark is our September Curvy Girl. Are you our next Curvy Girl of the Month? Click here to enter for a chance to win a free lingerie wardrobe and be featured on

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