Every Body Is A Beach Body

This summer is going to be special. Know why? Because this is the summer I am going to wear a bikini for the first time! And no, I haven’t lost weight, I didn’t start a new workout regimen, and nor do I plan to; I’m going to wear a bikini on my fabulous, strong, and capable curvy body. Following the online body positive movements such as #EveryBodyIsABeachBody and inspired by amazing women like Jenny Trout and Marie Southard Ospina, I’ve decided that this is the summer that I’ll take the plunge (literally and figuratively)! THE PEOPLE WHO DESERVE TO SEE YOUR
I’m a little embarrassed to say that it’s taken me over a year to make this decision. It’s something I’ve contemplated for a long time and wished I had the confidence to do since I was a teen. In the past, I’ve seen curvy women sporting their sexy bikinis and found myself jealous and asking “Why can’t I have confidence like that!?” And honestly I don’t know what changed in me, how I flipped the switch and decided I was going to do it. I think I just kept seeing article after article about body positive women and finally decided that if they can do it, why can’t I?! Because I can. No one is going to arrest me for buying a bikini in my size, and when I get to the beach no one will prevent me from stepping on the sand. I could literally always do it, I just never thought I could. That said, not all women have to be comfortable in a bikini. One-pieces, tankinis, and cover-ups all have various benefits too. I’m wearing a bikini because I just feel like I should, it’s time I show the beachgoers what I got! But I’m not giving up my tankini or one piece. I already have a few tankinis and I’m a spendthrift, so there’s no way I’m going to stop wearing them just because I got a new bathing suit. Variety is the spice of life after all! And when I know I’m going to play water sports or beach volleyball, I’m probably going to opt for my one-piece (considering it will best keep my chest under control). So if you’re not ready yet or don’t think it’s something for you, no worries. You can still feel sexy in your underwear bikini made of Curvy Couture bras and panties! That way only the people who deserve to see your sexiness get to enjoy your bikini-bod. So tell us about you! Are you going to wear a bikini this summer? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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