Hot Days Hotter Nights!

We ‘re getting in gear to kick-off the summer season. Those of us who don’t have summer-like weather all year long are breaking out the BBQ’s and opening up the pools this Memorial Day weekend.

It’s the best time of year for so many people, but even though I love the beach and a great barbeque, summer has never been my favorite season. As a curvy girl myself I often find the excessive heat overbearing and seek the beckoning comfort of well air-conditioned spaces.

Before finding Curvy Couture, summer for me was much tougher. I used to find the summer heat made me feel like a melting puddle... an uncomfortable, chafed thigh and sweaty-boobed melting puddle. Now, summer is much more comfortable. It’s amazing what a transformation it is when you find bras and panties that fit, I mean really fit. It’s life changing. I mean, summer for me is still consists of seeking out air-conditioned spaces between pool parties, but I felt so much more comfortable, confident and sexy once I found lingerie that fit correctly and worked like it’s supposed to. Until you experience it for yourself, you can’t really understand how much of a difference it makes. After wear-testing them all, I’ve rounded up my top 5 picks to help you beat the summer heat.

1)The Foxy Lace Balconette This bra has a great fit and stays put so it doesn’t chafe or irritate under the bust. I love the boost this balconette gives the girls, and the padding is graduated so it isn’t too overwhelming. It has great natural shaping and doesn’t feel bulky. The scalloped lace cups and straps are also a beautiful accent when they peek out from summer dresses and lower cut shirts. It’s the kind of bra that just makes you feel sexy, and it’s no surprise that it has become an all-time best seller.

2) The Perfect Plunge Multi-Way I didn’t expect for this bra to become such a staple in my wardrobe. I expected that it would be too much boob and would be something I save for special occasions. I...Was...Wrong... This bra is so versatile and it‘s become my personal favorite. With its’ low cut plunging neckline and 4 way convertible straps, you can wear this bra under pretty much anything. I typically keep the removable push-up pads removed but they give you amazing extra cleavage when you need a lift. It’s a great space saver because its so many bras in one so it travels with me everywhere I go.

3) The Matte Shine T-Shirt Bra This is a great basic bra. The fabric is soft, the straps are cushiony and don’t dig into shoulders. With its’ deep, full cups I never worry about getting that dreaded quadboob look. The cups are soft and lightweight but always conceal the headlights in those air-conditioned spaces I love so much. This bra is smooth and invisible under most clothes however on ultra-thin shirts you may see the seam on the cup peek through. It’s also a great travel bra, that recovers really well from crushing into an overstuffed suitcase.

4) The Fantasia Spacer Convertible T-Shirt Bra Looking for a bra that keeps you cool this summer? Well, this is the one. If you’re new to spacer technology, here’s what you should know. Spacer bras look like regular t-shirt bras, but they’re made out of lightweight, airy and breathable fabric. Spacer foam has tiny air pockets knit in to it which allow air to pass through, keeping you cooler and reducing boob sweat when the heat’s turned up. As light as this spacer feels, it somehow still lifts, supports and shapes while feeling like you’re not wearing anything. All that and did I mention it’s convertible...and reduces boob sweat? Truly a summer essential.

5) Cotton Luxe Unlined Wire-Free I must confess I am not usually a wire-free girl but if you’re looking for a comfortable bra that gives you support - well this is it. I especially love it for lazy weekends lounging around the house and for travel since it packs up nice and compact. The Cotton Luxe collection is made with a cotton/bamboo blend that naturally reduces odor and wicks moisture away keeping you cooler.

We’d love to hear about your summer favorites. Tag your pics #TravelingInCurvy #CurvySummer to show us your summer style.

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