Jasifer Lions Club Had Some Very Kind Words to Say About Us...!

Posted by Alia Yusuf on

In their recent coverage of Full Figure Fashion Week, Jasifer Lions Club had some very flattering words to say about our latest fashions.  They loved our lingerie, which they called "sexy, feminine and romantic."

They then went on to ask a very important question: "How often to you see "curvy" girls strut their stuff down the  runway in flattering and sexy lingerie, exuding confidence and sass? Not often,  so I'm so happy I got to see this."

"Curvy Couture started off the show with some sexy, feminine and romantic lingerie. Really loved the cute flower head pieces, and sparkly "walking" canes. It kind of gave me the Victoria Secret feeling, which was awesome! retail3 DSCN3160 - 720 retail4 retail5 DSCN3176 - 720 DSCN3177 - 720

Curvy Couture by Dora Lau

To view their coverage at the source, just click the link below:


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