Jes Baker's Ultimate Bra Guide, featuring Curvy Couture!

Hi there! I’m Jes baker, the founder and one-woman-show behind!
I am a blogger, speaker, author, mental health professional, wanna-be-photographer, cat lover and unabashed fat chick that is on a mission to turn our society’s concept of beauty on its unnecessary head. I believe that every person in this world is worthy of respect and feeling valued regardless of their size, shape, shade, sex, ability, gender or age. I preach the importance of body autonomy, self-love, mental health, strong coffee, and even stronger language.

We first met Jes Baker at The Curvy Con in 2016 and have been so happy to know such an amazing woman.

Jes teamed up with Cora of Vintage or Tacky for a comprehensive bra guide made for plus bodies. Honored that Curvy Couture is mentioned on the list under "sexy bras"!

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