My First Bra

As I was beginning to write another feature for Curvy Couture I was reminded of what it felt like to get my first bra. For me it was surprising, exciting and a little intimidating. After all, I was playing soccer one day and the next day it was: “Where did these come from?” My Mom took me to the store for what she called a “training bra”. I am still not sure what exactly I was in training for; but I went along with her because it meant that we were shopping for me. I was always up for that.

That first bra felt strange and awkward. I was very aware of the straps. So was Jimmy who sat behind me in class and gave me that first pull and snap of the band. He got a swift punch in the nose...No more snapping from him.

My girlfriends were amazed and a little jealous since I was the first one to get a bra. That power-high was short lived as everybody started wearing their first bras too. Pretty soon most of us took it in stride. Cynthia handled the boy attention best. I liked her style. Me, I had issues with our school uniform...the button front shirts never seemed to catch up to my expanding bust line. Strategically placed books carried in front solved that problem and I moved on.

Now many of my girlfriends have told me their first bra stories too: My still modestly endowed best friend remembers that she wore those dot band-aids for three years until her breasts caught up with her nipples. She also remembers a somewhat embarrassing incident at a school dance involving crumpled tissues and an overly enthusiastic dance partner. I think you can get the picture.

A co-worker of mine was also the first girl in her class to get a bra. She was totally intimidated and did not want to be the center of attention. She says that right after she got her first bra her Mom caught her getting ready for school by putting on an undershirt (remember those?) instead of her bra. She couldn't bear, she thought, being the center of attention. Fortunately, some other classmates got their bras too. Pretty soon she didn't mind the attention so much.

Jill told me that she was a “major tomboy”, always playing baseball with the boys in the neighborhood. It was so much fun! One day her Dad was watching the game and Jill hit a home run. As she ran the bases her Dad also noticed how the boys watched a little bit differently than before. The next day Jill got her first bra.


First bras are still a big deal. Another friend of mine told me about the day she took her 10 year old daughter to get her first bra. She wanted to wear it out of the store. Mom said no. On the drive home, she tells me, that her daughter was so excited about her new bra that she insisted that Mom pull into a quiet side-street so that she could put it on right then and there. Look out, Mom; you've got a handful there.

Bras...we wear them every day. Now we may even take them a little for granted. As you select your new Curvy Couture bra, think back to your first bra and how amazing it felt. Bring back that excitement as you put on a beautifully designed and fitted bra. I bet you have some great and funny stories about your first bra. Share them with us at Curvy Couture so that we can all smile together.

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