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We all collect things. I have collected pottery and art glass. My best friend has a huge, and, by now, valuable collection of “Lady Heads.” (Those are the cute vases that look like fashionable women from the 40’s and 50’s). Anyway, collections are fun to hunt for, but they usually cost a lot money over time. So, I have started a new collection. It’s a collection of cool ideas that save money. Here’s a few from my collection: Get Rid of Puffy Eyes… Puffy, tired looking eyes don’t mean that you have to spend $20 or more on eye serum. Here’s a great idea to get bright eyes, fast. Dip cotton balls in milk. Yes milk. Squeeze out the excess liquid and press gently over your closed eyes for five minutes. The cool temperature reduces swelling, while the lactic acid smooths fine lines. Plus the fat in milk will soothe that delicate under eye skin. Fall Asleep Naturally… Most of us have problems falling asleep. We just can’t turn off that brain of ours. We try everything. Prescription sleep aids work alright, but how about those side-affects. OTC sleep pills are just as iffy. And, how about that machine that spews out white noise? That was money wasted, right? Here’s an idea that actually works: Firmly rub your earlobes with your thumbs and forefingers for about 30 seconds or until you ears actually feel warm. Traditional Chinese medicine tells us that stimulating acupressure points in our earlobes relieves stress and returns us to calm and peaceful state of being. You will be enjoying sweet dreams as you drift off to sleep in no time. START SAVING MONEY BY CHANGING THE METHODS ON HOW YOU GET THINGS DONE Don’t Throw Out Your Slow Hair Dryer… Is your hair dryer taking forever to dry you hair? Think it’s time to buy a new one? Before you toss it, think about this: Over time dust, hair and hair products can get built up on the filter. Air flow is blocked and the hair dryer can overheat. It’s an easy fix. Unplug the device first. Then following the manufacturer’s instructions remove the outer vent and using a small brush, like a toothbrush, scrub away the gunk. It’s a good idea to do this monthly. Results are that you get ready faster and you have just saved $35 for a new dryer. Get Twice the Use From Beauty Products… Skin toner and make-up removers are expensive. To get your money’s worth out of them use a cotton pad instead of a cotton ball when applying the product. Cotton balls are way more absorbent than the pad. As a result they will soak up too much and you end up using more than you need. The thinner cotton pad will hold the right amount of product at its surface. This time you’ve used less product. Over time your expensive products will last twice as long. Designer Iced-Coffee For Less… Do you love iced-coffee? Those expensive designer coffee shops charge big bucks for one. The big thing now is “cold-brewed” which is made in small batches and cost even more to buy. There is a better way. Cold brewed coffee is the way to go. Using room temperature water insures that all the acidic sharpness that happens when coffee is brewed hot gets eliminated giving a truly smooth tasting experience. Just put enough of your favorite ground coffee to make six or eight cups in a pot. Fill the pot with cool water. The ratio should be 4 parts water to one part coffee. Cover and set aside for at least 12 hours. When you are done steeping the coffee grounds use a strainer with coffee filters to strain the liquid into your container which you can store in the refrigerator for up to two weeks. What you now have is a rich, dark and very strong coffee liquor. Pour a small amount over ice, add water or milk and your favorite coffee flavoring like vanilla or hazelnut and you will enjoy a smooth, delicious iced coffee for pennies on the dollar. Share Your Ideas… There are many more money saving ideas in my collection. But, I bet you have plenty great, cost-saving ideas of your own. Share them with use so we can all reap the rewards.

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