The Journey of a Curvy Model

Curvy model Frances Cordova (pictured below in Curvy Couture) has been kind enough to share her journey to becoming a successful model, in a world where sometimes curvy girls aren't seen as traditional beauties. She certainly proves to the world that curvy can be sexy and beautiful. Take a look at what she has to say!

Becoming a curvy model has been a wonderful journey for me, and has made me reflect on what “beauty” really means.  

In the past three years I have met some of the most beautiful people.  Prior to experiencing the modeling and fashion industry first hand, I don't think I was as conscious about "beauty" and didn't necessarily look for it.  I have always been able to acknowledge beauty but in a different way than I do now.  I was able to point out my perspective of beauty and didn't feel the need to explain my opinion.  Now, because I meet so many beautiful people regularly, I have a different perspective on the importance of beauty as a whole not just physical beauty. 

The reality is that what I find beautiful may not be what another person finds beautiful.   I have been to castings, auditions, open calls---basically, look your best and hope someone likes "your" look and can use you at this point to advertise for their brand.  This can be discouraging, and I have been able to stay confident by learning that beauty as a whole is what's important.  Not everyone is going to find me "beautiful". To some, I'm pretty. To others, I’m not, and have become comfortable with the situation.

After being stared at by many, many people---whether in person, photographs, online, social media etc., I've learned that opinions will always be said, and long as you know your personal worth and what you stand for, you are your own kind of "beautiful" and life takes on a whole different meaning.

Feeling confident is one of the best ways to feel beautiful.  If you are not confident, no matter what other's opinions may be, your beauty will be overshadowed by insecurities.  Nothing is more important than your genuine opinion about yourself.

We as society are just starting to discuss these issues, which are important and need to be discussed in an open way.  All people benefit from talking about these issues when they realize others have them too -  even models!

Like the quote says, "Some people are going to love you, others not so much AND none of that has anything to do with you!"

Frances Cordova is a model represented by Wilhelmina Curve in NYC.

Thank you Frances for sharing your story with curvy women everywhere!

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