Try A little Lavender...

Having just taken a relaxing and delightful shower with Curvy Couture's Fleur de Lavande Shower Gel I began to wonder what is it about Lavender that makes it so enticing a scent. Here's what I learned:

Lavandula (what we call lavender) is part of the mint family. It has been cultivated for centuries throughout southern Europe, north and eastern Africa, southeast India and southwest Asia. It's relatively easy to grow if you have well drained sandy or gravely soil in full sun. It makes a beautiful purple statement in your garden.

The essential oil that the lavender plants produce can be used both for it's antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Infusions of lavender soothe insect bites, burns and headaches. Bunches of the flowers can repel insects. Lavender seeds and flowers in pillows can aide with sleep and relaxation. Potpourris and sachets of lavender can freshen your clothes, deter moths and make your lingerie smell wonderful. Actually, dried lavender flowers are gaining popularity as wedding confetti. Lavender beats rice, any day.


Lavender also has lots and lots of uses in the kitchen. Try it as a condiment in salads. Use it to make an amazing salad dressing. Flowering lavender yields an abundant nectar that bees just love. Lavender helps those bees make high quality honey that you have to try. Lavender's natural sweetness means that the flowers and be candied and used as cake decoration. Lavender can be used in baked goods and tastes especially great with chocolate. Lavender blends well with you favorite teas. Don't forget to sweeten that tea with lavender sugar.

Using Curvy Couture's Fleur de Lavande Shower Gel and I am off to the lavender races, so to speak. Today, I picked up some lavender sugar. Can't wait to try it. Speaking of trying something should try one of Curvy Couture's collection of lavender infused beauty products: Fleur de Lavande Bath Salts, Hand Cream or Body Lotion. Curvy Couture's Fleur de Lavande Travel Pack makes a great gift too. Let us know how you feel when Lavender enters your life.

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