V-Day Perfection

It’s pretty much the same thing every year. Valentine’s Day rolls around and what do you get? Most likely, you will get the same thing you got last year and the year before. You know, there’s that heart shaped box of candy and vase of roses…again. Maybe it time to change it up and put a little excitement back into February 14th. It’s time for you to take the lead…call the shots and set up something memorable for Valentine’s Day 2016. So while he has the requisite dinner-out planned, why don’t you step it up with a surprise of your own? This year you can become the present he always wanted? No, I don’t mean wrapping yourself up in a big red bow. There’s something way more fun you can do and it’s only a point and click away. You are reading this blog on the Curvy Couture website, right? Have you taken a really good look around to see all the amazing Curvy styles that can add that special spark to your Valentine’s Day? Take a good look. Have you tried a corset lately? I bet you never even considered wearing one. Too confining, right? Wrong! Actually, corsets are just the opposite of confining. A well-chosen and well-fitting corset might be just the thing to set you free this Valentine’s Day. You will look incredible and feel beautiful in one of these great Curvy designs. Look at the Foxy Lace Corset in wine-rich cabernet. Enticing black lace overlays this artfully designed corset which feature black satin boning enhancing every one of your beautiful curves. Lacing up the back this voluptuous corset will be just as much fun to take off as it is to wear. Bring out your wild side with the leopard print Animal Attraction Corset. The Smooth-Comfort™ micro-lined push up pads will give you cleavage to die for. The rhinestone buckles on the straps send the message that this will be no ordinary Valentine’s Day. If, after all that, a corset still isn’t your thing, take a look at the Foxy Lace Balconette bra with its matching lace panty. That black lace overlay looks so beautiful over the rich claret color. This dynamic duo has all the colorful punch of its steamier cousin the corset; while staying well within your comfort zone. WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM CURVY COUTURE THIS V-DAY WILL BE TRULY MEMORABLE Another wonderfully sexy selection from Curvy is “Love Affair.” The name says it all. It’s time to take your love affair to another level. In luscious coral pink the matching balconette bra and panty display Monet-inspired all over embroidery for an incredibly romantic look. It is sure to get you a five-star rating in the romance department. The fact that it features convertible straps will give you amazing versatility as well as a beautifully romantic look. If a touch of black lace is more your thing, take a look at the Seduction Lace Demi. This all-over lace Tulip Balconette bra will give you amazing support while showing off your spectacular curves. The deep magenta of the Wild Astor color under the black lace will be an amazing complement to your Valentine’s Day festivities. Don’t forget the matching boy shorts. They give you great support and comfort while looking so right with the matching bra. On Valentine’s Day, at the start of your night out, don’t you just love the idea that only you know what you are wearing underneath your beautiful little black dress. Dinner that night might just taste a little bit spicier because your secret surprise will become an incredibly loving gift later? With a little help from Curvy Couture, this Valentine’s Day will be truly memorable. 

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