Wear Something Cute

Wear something cute and don’t take any crap!” – Clinton Kelly A friend sent me this quote and I felt it was a great little motto so I wanted to share it with you gals. At first it seems a little gauche and superficial but after thinking about it for a while I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s the perfect inspirational quote for a modern woman. In the past a woman had to make a choice about what kind of woman she was going to be: a loving housewife, a no-nonsense business-woman, a bold activist, you get the idea. Nowadays there’s no need to have to choose a category to fit into because we can be so many different things at once. A doctor can come home and play video games with her kids to de-stress from her day. A store manager at Sephora can take a day off to go hunting during Buck season. A stay-at-home mom wears combat boots and plays in her punk band on Saturday nights. In each case these women are rocking their lives by doing what they want, in spite of what some people might think of them.


However, to any naysayer I say: It’s none of your business. And that’s where Clinton Kelly’s quote comes in: “Wear something cute and don’t take any crap!” It’s been proven through numerous studies that when you think you look good, you really do feel better. And when you’re feeling great, it’s much easier to be confident and take pride in your actions. That’s where the not taking any crap part comes into the equation. A good habit to get into, even—nay, especially— on your worst days, is to wear at least one thing you love every day. It might be your cherry red stilettos you blew your last paycheck on. Or it’s the pair of earrings your grandmother gave you. Maybe it’s even a pair of sexy underwear that no one will see but you. You get to choose what’s cute so have fun with it! If it’s one of those days where you have nothing to wear (these happen to all of us!) try wearing your favorite lipstick or nail polish color and I bet you’ll feel swankier. Take pride in your own unique sense of fabulousness and work it! I’m not saying I can prove it but I think if you try to wear something cute every day you’ll be much less likely to take any crap! So what do you think? Is your closet full of things you love? Are you ready to strut your stuff with confidence and show the world what you’ve got? Comment below!

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