What bra type is the best for you?

Everyone needs bras, not sure which one is best for you?  Read this guide put together by our bra fit specialist. Scroll through to see which style might be what you’re looking for. We’re excited to build your dream bra wardrobe together! 
Whether you’re a large band/small cup, small band/large cup or large band/large cup, we have something for you. We have band sizes 34-46 and offer cups C-H. 
We bring you the best in quality, thoughtful design details in the bras and fabrics, too!   

No two breasts are the same and your bra size may change every 6 months, depending. We highly encourage visiting a bra boutique to get fitted by a professional. If going to one scares you, email us so we can help virtually. 
Remember the right bra can change the way you feel about yourself (hello self-confidence!), enhance the outfits you chose, reduce shoulder and back pain, even improve your posture!


Wireless Bra: (also known as a Wire-Free Bra) 
This is the bra without an underwire, also known as a soft-cup bra. A lot of extra components are put into this design to ensure it still lifts and supports, without a wire. Our Cotton Luxe Unlined Wire-Free is so comfortable, people even sleep in this bra. They’ve also shared with us it makes the perfect travel bra, lounge bra, and more. If you’re DD+ and want to go bra-less but can’t sacrifice the back pain you get, try this one. You’ll reach for our wire-free bra on those days when you crave support without an underwire. 

Ps. The #1 demand from our customers is another wire-free bra and we’re actually bringing (spoiler alert!) 3 new frames in 2021. 


Push Up Bra : 
You may have heard of the term “Balconette Bra”. It’s also known as a “shelf bra” because it provides a lot of lift, thanks to the paneling underneath the underwire. Our Tulip Lace Push Up Bra has this. It also has a gradual bump on the bottom of the pad to give a gradual, natural lift.

If you have shallow cups, if you breast-fed and loss volume on the top of your breasts, this style is for you. If you always wanted a push up bra but was always afraid of them making your breast look bigger, this bra is for you. This style does give you cleavage, even for the smallest of cups. Seriously, I stand by my statement of every person with every bra shape needs to try this bra on. It’s a customer favorite & best seller for these reasons. It’s also super pretty and sexy for an everyday lift that is 100% comfortable. 

T-Shirt Bra 
An everyday bra made of smooth fabric and molded cups. Designed to be invisible under clothing and due to it usually being padded, that helps with nipple concealment. This style will work for any bust shape. However, if you carry a lot of breast volume on your chest between your collarbone and actual breast, you might risk the chance of double-boobing. No one wants that, so opt for a full coverage t-shirt bra instead of a lower cut one. If you have C-D cups and need a t-shirt bra that gives great lift and separation, try our Tulip Smooth T-Shirt bra. Be sure to “scoop & swoop” when trying it on so you’re sitting in the bra correctly. 

Strapless Bra : 

Ideal for all special occasions, when you want to show your bare shoulders. Great for all bra types due to the sweetheart neckline our Strapless has. Quick PSA: NEVER size down in the band or cup, in a Strapless. There’s a misconception online that going down in the band gets you a better fit, this is not correct. This will only bring you pain, and who has time for that? Our Strapless Sensation has won awards for its innovative design inside the bra and for its long-lasting comfort that supports for 10+ hours. You can also wear it up to 7 different multiple ways. Read the reviews and you’ll know why, it’s a one-and-done investment you’ll thank us for later. 

Plunge Bra 
Designed to give you a deep neckline and enhance cleavage. This is the style to reach for when you have low cut tops and dresses. These cups have more of a triangular shape than round, with a lower center front gore. If you have wider set breasts, a plunge bra will bring them closer together. 

Now that you have a better understanding of the bra types and how they can shape your breasts, try a couple on! Keep in mind to have a few bras in your bra rotation so you don’t wear the same one every day, each week. 

A couple of fit tips to note! When you wear any bra - the key is to get the breast tissue from where your armpit is and “scoop and swoop” so pull the tissue forward to ensure you’re sitting in the cup of the bra. The underwire laying flat against your ribcage and the center front laying against your sternum. If the Underwire is not, then you need more cup capacity, thus a larger cup size. 
We want the band to hook on the first row of hooks (the loosest) so that as the bra stretches over the months/years, you can tighten it as you go. Ensuring a longer bra lifespan. 

For bra care: please hand wash the bra and line dry, so your Curvy Couture bra can last you a long time. Invest In your chest, never put your bra in the dryer. 

Online bra shopping can be frustrating. We have free returns and size exchanges for this reason. Send back what you don’t absolutely love. Happy to help you take that next step with online shopping at Curvy Couture. 

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My band size is 42 and my cup size is 49!
So what size bra do I need 🤔 please help

Jeanie Martin November 10, 2022

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