What's Your Color?

In a recent blog, I mentioned that American women tend to go blah with mostly white or beige in their lingerie wardrobe. Why are we so afraid of color? So what if a little lace or a strap shows? Color can make a big difference is how we feel and see ourselves. Astrologer, Michele Bernhardt in her new book, Colorstrology, tells us that every month has a unique power color. She believes that “wearing, meditating on or surrounding yourself with the hue of you birth month enhances your strengths and helps you feel connected to your destiny.” Bernhardt says “you can also focus on a color from another month to empower yourself with the qualities it represents.


Caramel helps to accomplish your goals. This earthy color keeps your energy grounded and helps to keep you focused. Caramel promotes mental endurance, self-control and patience. Neptune (known for creativity) and Uranus (known for qualities of genius) rule the February skies that inspire the soft color of lilac that bring to mind the qualities of kindness and sensitivity. Red, blue and silver tones instill a sense of community and help to promote fresh ideas. The mythical god of the sea, Neptune, rules over the month of March and brings the soft hue of Aqua to mind. Aqua helps guide us between the conscious and sub-conscious worlds, evoking the qualities of clarity and trust, helping us to identify our innermost desires. Cayenne is a spicy color that signifies strength, courage and passion. Mars, the “red” planet rules over April explaining why such a fiery color is associated with this month. Cayenne will inspire fearlessness and adventure. It can also stimulate your metabolism, enhance vitality and increase self-confidence. Promote healing with May's color: Bud Green. Growth and new life are linked to May's earth sign, Taurus inspiring this vivid shade. The color brings to mind rejuvenation and healing. It inspires life's riches. Use this shade to build your mental and physical health and to promote material wealth. Gold is a color filled with the brilliance of summer. It will stimulate your brain and increase hope and optimism. June's ruling planet Mercury is said to be the planet of communication. Gold is the color that will enhance verbal skills and collaboration with others. Coral will open your heart in July. The moon rules the skies and is represented by the hint of silver that resides in this soft color. It signifies the value of change and reflection while the pink tones attract love and inspire receptivity and peace. July's color is soothing and is very useful in times of change or as an aid to well-being. Sunny Orange is sure to increase your happiness. The Sun rules over August so naturally Orange is this month's choice to banish darkness. The color denotes royalty and greatness. It encourages celebration, laughter and confidence. It is guaranteed to lift your mood. An eloquent, Deep Blue is the color of September. This rich shade of the night sky brings to mind beauty, wisdom and purity. It will help ease tension and flood you with tranquility. Use it to open your mind and enhance communication. Cerulean, another shade of blue fits very well with October's air sign of Libra. This airy, cool blue is the very definition of peace and serenity. Cerulean attracts harmonious relationships. It also works when you are seeking balance and calm. Romantic and intense Wine Red is the color of November. This is absolutely the right color to inspire courage, strength and love. Both Venus (long associated with love) and Scorpio (another passionate sign) help this month's color add a little sexiness to your life. Claret Red can help remove any emotional blocks you may have in your way. A deep, meditative shade of Teal Blue will help you explore your spiritual side. This color helps promote trust, exploration and wisdom. December is ruled by Jupiter (known for adventure and deep thinking) which is why this color is the one to use on either a physical or spiritual journey. Teal is also helpful in aiding you to understand alternative points of view. Color is so important to us. We use it as a statement about who we are. We use color to enhance our mood. We can use our color choices to better understand ourselves and each other. Let us know if color has helped you to attain a goal or to reach an understanding about yourself.

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