Lingerie Briefs

Creative Engineering ~ Curvy Couture

I have crossed some spectacular bridges in my life, but none quite as unique as the historic Brooklyn Bridge. Its hybrid cable stayed suspension construction sets it apart from its counterparts creating a magnificent display of wires that lift the eye upward. At the time it was built, it was the longest suspension bridge in the world, engineered with an open truss system reinforcing it to six times the strength of any other in existence. An architectural phenomenon at its unveiling, it brought together two robust metropolises improving the New York City dynamic. Despite all the innovations in bridge structure, the Brooklyn Bridge still stands in its original format.

To compare a piece of lingerie to a monolith such as the Brooklyn Bridge might sound a bit far-fetched to you, but in my opinion that is exactly the perfect metaphor for the Curvy Couture Multi-Way Strapless Bra. Curvy Couture is a 20 year old company whose well known expertise in plus size foundations development has enabled it to engineer a strapless style capable of supporting 34-44, C-H cups. The detailed attention to technical design keeps this bra in place while assuring lift and the 5 different strap options (one of which is pictured here) separate it from its peers positioning it as a multi-use convertible bra as well. But it is the delicate floral mesh overlay and graceful shape that transforms it from a basic contour to a fashionable alternative, that sets it apart.  I expect that the instant success of this bra is indicative of a long future for this beautifully designed style.

“I Like Engineering, But I Love The Creative Input” ~John Dykstra