Plus Model Magazine

  February is such a sexy and love filled month. I, for one, “love” celebrating Valentine’s Day with my hubby, but it is more than that for me and for the staff at PMM. We love fashion, we love the plus size industry, we love all the creatives that continue to excite the plus size community and most of all we love to inspire all women.


This issue is SUPER SEXY and we chose the plus model who bared it all for navabi in London last year, Mariesther Venegas to grace our cover. When I was working on this issue, I wanted it to be more than just sexy girls in lingerie and great images. My goal was to inspire our readers to begin and end each day with “love”.

I am often asked, “How can I be confident when I do not feel good about myself?” My answer is consistently, firs,t you have to love yourself from the top of your head to the bottom of your toes. Embrace and thank every part of your body, and stop judging it based on standards that others have put on you. The truth is that the most important validation must come from within and not from a person, modeling or the fashion industry.

Love for yourself will change the world in which you live.

Curvy hugs,

Madeline Jones



Check out the February 2013 Issue of PLUS Model Magazine on Feb 1st.