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This Valentine’s Day, Curvy Couture Asks You to Break Up With Your Bra


With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, this is a time for falling in love, being whisked away, and some really dope lingerie. BUT, for some, Valentine’s Day is also about change, self-exploration, and personal love…

But this isn’t a post about your significant other; the ups and downs, the happy or sad moments, the question about where this relationship is going. No. Today’s conversation is about your relationship with your plus size lingerie.



For some of you, it is TIME to break up with your lingerie. Break up with your bra? Say what?  Yes, girl. Hanging on for dear life, causing you headaches, backaches, and irritation. And guess what? You are not alone.

Did you know that of the greatest plus size lingerie relationship issues, bras take the two of the four spots?  Yes. You see, Curvy Couture surveyed “broken hearted women” and found out that their top intimate apparel relationship issues are:

  • Straps that slide
  • Bulging in the wrong places
  • Showing through clothing
  • No support!

I mean, it is no surprise that finding the perfect full figured or plus size bra is a challenge, but at least there are quite a few plus size lingerie brands trying to do something about it. No, for reals.

“It’s time for women to break up with their old bras and find new love at Curvy Couture!” Dora Lau



So How Do You Break Up With Your Bra?

Well, there are a few ways to approach this! Lau offers some time tested intimate apparel relationship advice:

  1. Don’t drag it out: As hard as you think breaking up will be, it will be even harder and more painful if you drag the relationship on for longer.
  2. Assess the problems:  Need more support? Looking  for glamour? Want to feel better about yourself?
  3. Get help: You probably have been wearing the wrong size bra.  Get help finding the right bra, a fit guide is here to assist
  4. Find your perfect match: has quite a few options in finding the best fit for you.  With free shipping and free returns, it’s even perfect for those who are afraid of commitment.

Intimate apparel relationships are what Curvy Couture understands and to help illustrate life, love, and lingerie, they have created this infographic that is full of the heartbreaks and love of intimates. #CCBraBreakUp

How cool is this??? Learn more and SHOP CURVY COUTURE HERE

Have you broken up with a few of your bras yet?? I wanna know!