" Wow! You folks at Curvy Couture are really awesome! Thank you so much for all your help finding the best fit for me. I really appreciate it! This bra came just in time for a wedding I attended which was delightful, and the bra was great too. No adjusting all night long, and I wasn't dying to take it off when I got home at 4am. Total win! (Strapless Sensation, size 44D)"
- A. W.


" I have to say that I have never been so excited to open a package! Your bra line is so fantastic as each and every one of them fit perfectly! I have purchased very expensive bras from boutiques for many years that have cost 3 times as much and been less satisfied than I am with Curvy Couture bras! I have worn your brand exclusively for a couple of years and the bra just doesn't wear out or lose its shape. The fabric, style, quality, fit, value, colors, everything I look for in a bra is here. I also have sloping shoulders which can be a problem to fit and it is no problem with curvy bras!!! There was only one problem...deciding which bra to wear first!!! (Sexy Sheer, Fantasia Spacer, Perfect Plunge, Animal Corset, size 40DD)"
- R. C.


" Your bras are FABULOUS! I've had the worst time trying to find one that accommodates all the side boob I have from losing 100 pounds. Yours do it without rolling and causing painful pinching. THANK YOU!! (Fantasia Spacer and Lace Shine T-Shirt Bra, size 42F)"
- L. S.


" I ordered mine. I cannot wait to try it. I am tired of sacrificing style for comfort. - Lace Shine T-shirt bra in Passion Flower (Lace Tulip Balconette, size 44DDD)"
- T. L.


" New bras were my gift to myself after receiving a proper fitting. I tried your line a couple weeks ago and immediately fell in love with it. Ordered another the same day. It's thrilling to own bras in colors and prints after YEARS of the drab black, white, nude. So pleased to see your choices for full figured. I hope you add more. Thank you! (Exotic Allure Balconette, size 44F)"
- M. E.


" I just wanted to compliment your company on the excellent packing/shipping for my recent order. It was wrapped up so pretty, it felt like getting a present; I also appreciated the tissue pads used to shape the bra to support the molded cup. I was also impressed with the ready-to-go return label in its plastic sleeve. I've never seen a company do this, and it really communicated to me that your company is very returns-friendly! (Lace Shine T-Shirt bra, size 36F)"
- S. D.


Our 42F model commented on her Curvy Couture bra:

“I haven't taken it off since my fitting, and I have even slept in it! It's the most comfortable bra in the world...I can't even feel it when I wear it."
- A. K.


"It supercedes my favorite because I loved the shape this bra gave me without total coverage or too much cleavage, it was just perfect.   (T-shirt bra, size 38C)"
- T. W.


"I do not usually wear an underwire bra so it was very different.  I did especially like the lift and support it gave me.  I will now switch to an underwire after wearing a Cury Couture bra.  This bra is very sturdy and well made.  Especially loved not having a tag on the bra.  The most comfortable straps I have EVER worn.  Did not slip or cut into shoulders.  Did not show when wearing a lower cut top.  (T-shirt bra, size 36C)"
- C. M.


"Yes, this was my favorite part of the test.  Right away I thought I looked perkier.  Looks very good under clothes.  Just right amount of padding (smooth under clothes). (Art Deco Push Up Balconette bra, size 38DD)"
- M. L.


"The foam was super light and soft.  Expected thicker and more of a bump.  But the support of the cup was great. (Art Deco Push Up Balconette bra, size 36C)"
- P. S.