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As the bra fit specialist for 6 years with Curvy Couture, I’m sharing the secret sauce to successful bra shopping online on

Let's start with finding your size. Breasts can change shape every 6-12 months, we recommend getting re-fitted at least annually to keep up with supporting your girls with the right size. 

It is always a best practice to be fitted by a professional, but considering these interesting times we are living in, perhaps you can't make that a priority. If that is your situation?  Grab your soft tape measure and head over to our Fit Guide page.

Our Fit Guide page is your best guide to finding your right fit. And will certainly assure you are shopping the correct size with us. We use 2 measurements (1. Your under bust & 2. your Bust at fullest). If you’d like a second opinion, email me and we'll chat about it. ( )

If you'd prefer to visit a local bra boutique, enter your zip code to find one near you. 

Now that you know your size, have fun choosing bras to try on! Don't worry, we offer free returns & size exchanges. 

Here are the 4 things to do when a new bra arrives

  1. Loosen the straps: when the a bra ships from the factory, the straps come tightened far back. Make sure to adjust them to be looser. So when you put it on, it's not super tight on your shoulders and makes it uncomfortable.
  2. Hook on the 1st row: Whenever you get a new bra, always hook on the 1st row (aka the loosest row) even if it’s a little snug. This way, as the bra stretches over time, you can tighten it as you go. Ensuring a longer bra lifespan! Fun fact: 80% of the support of a bra comes from the band of a bra, never ever the straps.
  3. Scoop & Swoop: Once you're hooked in the bra, use your hands to grab the breast tissue from where your armpit is and gently pull the tissue forward. This will ensure all of you is sitting entirely in the cup of the bra.
  4. Make sure center front is laying flat against your sternum.


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Now your bra should be fitting you
perfectly! If it's not, check these after doing the 4 fit steps:

  • Band too snug and you could barely hook it on? You need more room in the band.
  • Are you spilling out of the bra? If you are spilling out from the front of cups or underarm, you need more cup capacity.


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Keep reading for how to find remedies for these fit issues you may be experiencing with your bra. 


Sister sizes are super important to know when shopping for bras. Sister size is the alternate bra size where the cup volume stays the same and only the band size changes.

Example of sister sizes: 36DDD, 38DD, 40D, 42C, 44B.

These will all be the same cup volume, the band will get a half inch bigger each time you go up. Here's a video we made on TikTok to show a quick reference on understanding how it works.

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Our Bra Fit Guide page also has this chart to reference.


Here are some fit checks to ask yourself once you've tried on your Curvy Couture Bra. 

Need more room in the band only and the cup fits perfectly? Try your sister size!(Up one band, down one cup) This will give you a half inch more room in the band only, your cup will fit the same.
Example: 42DD fits snug and can barely hook on the first row, exchange for a 44D.

This also works if you need less room in the band, with the cup fitting perfectly.
Sister size it! (Down one band, up one cup) to get a half inch less room in the band, with the same cup fit.
Example: 38C is too big in the band only, exchange for a 36D. 

Need more room in the cup and band? Order one cup size larger in the same band. This will give you a half inch more room in both places.
Example: 40DDD fits a little snug in the cup and band, exchange for a 40G.

Need more room in the cups only? Go up one cup size in the same band, then do the sister size of that new size (Down one band, up one cup) this will ensure the band fits the same as the size you have now, only the cup will be a half inch bigger.
Example: 44D fits great in the band but the cups are a bit small. Go from a 44D to a 44DD, then do the sister size of that 44DD. Which lands you at a 42DDD.

Is the fit of your Curvy Couture bra is completely off ? Didn't measure yourself before buying a bra with us? We'll be asking you to bust out that soft measuring tape and measure at home.

This is one mistake people make daily when ordering bras and trying to exchange without speaking to a fit specialist - it's this.
You get a bra and it's too small in the cups, but the band fits perfect. DO NOT go up in the cup in the same band size. (Example: 38DD is too snug in the cups, let me get the 38DDD instead.) That is not the fix.
That will get you a half inch more room in the cup AND band. You don’t want this, 80% of the support comes from band. You will get a bigger bra than you expected and be disappointed.


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Feel free to reference this blog for future online bra shopping and bookmark out fit guide page. We hope you found this blogpost to be helpful! As always, here to help with anything you need! Just email us.

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