Celebrating Pride Month with Naomi

For pride month we’re uplifting our friend Naomi. She’s a Chicana Trans Woman who is not only taking TikTok by storm, Naomi encourages you to love the skin you’re in – and we love it! Her energy is infectious, she’s such a joy and we’re so honored to share more of her story. 

Naomi, what inspired you to become a creator? (we’re SO happy you did!) 

Honestly what inspired me to be a creator at first was the opportunity to get my foot in the door of the entertainment industry. As a plus size, trans, Latine woman i knew it would be an uphill battle. However, I started to notice how my content was helping people feel so much better about the skin they are in. I feel like in life and in media far to often we see a lot of trauma stories which is good for education but also we never really get to see like happy stories. In this case fat joy.  
So I feel that people getting the opportunity to see a fat person live their life and spread joy really made them feel good. Once I took notice my mind set shifted from getting my foot in the door to helping people feel better about themselves. We only live one life and life feels so much better when we feel good about ourselves. If I can help just one person gain confidence, I feel like I have succeeded💗 

We love that! Any words of encouragement you’d like to share to anyone who may be struggling to come out to their family? 

My words of encouragement to anyone struggling to come out would be take your time!! There is never a rush just know when you are ready the world is ready! Coming out to family is always scary and losing them as horrible as that may be is a real possibility but just know you have a family of LGBTQIA+ waiting for you 💗 

Any tips you have for others on being your true self?  

1.) don’t compare yourself to anyone! Always be in competition with yourself. It’ll help you be true to you. 2.) don’t change for others! Always change for yourself. 💗 

What are some things you love about being a Chicana Trans Woman? 

My favorite thing about being a Chicana trans woman is breaking Barriers! When I came out I was easier than most and I’m grateful for that. However I had family who still was not to fond of it. Being trans in a Latine household really helped challenge their mindsets and help some of my family grow out of a mentality that isn’t needed in this world. 

I absolutely love that you’re speaking about that! It is so very important. Can you share why you like Curvy Couture intimates? 😊 

* screams!!!!* I love Curvy couture because of the boundaries they are pushing. I have seen many under garment companies and brands who claim to cater to plus size people but always have the sizing off or don’t show modes of all sizes and curvy couture does the complete opposite! They hire real bodies and the bras and panties all look and feel soo good! It makes me feel sexy and confident and that is why I love them so much!  

Thank you Naomi for sharing your beautiful story with our Curvy Community! Shop her Curvy picks here: https://curvycouture.com/collections/naomis-favorite-pieces

Now more than ever, we need to speak up and help the LGBTQIA+ community year-round. 
There is so much power for us to show the kids in our lives a better way. Raise them to love, not hate. Be relentless in your pursuit. That’s the only way truly forward.♥️


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