Bra Fashion Guide

We just talked a little bit about when and how to replace the bras in your wardrobe. Now its’ time to discuss what type of bras you will need. Do you prefer an under-wire or wire free? Do you want a push-up or demi-cup? When building your ultimate bra wardrobe you should know which styles are right for any occasion or outfit no matter what size you are. Here's what you need to look for when wearing fitted tops: If you have “AAA” to “A” cups look for smooth molded or padded designs. These will add volume invisibly, even under the thinnest of fabrics. Subtle foam linings will stop your nipples from showing through so you can wear that body hugging top with confidence. For “B” to “C” cups a T-shirt bra will be your best friend. Look for molded cups that are designed without any seams to completely vanish under clothes. Satiny fabrics will smooth your look without rippling under clingy fabrics. Consider gradual padding for subtle enhancement. : For “D” cups and above, look for a full-coverage style that fits entirely over the breasts eliminating that double boob look. Wide sides and bands will give you extra sleekness. Avoid minimizers as they tend to squish and spread the chest to make your body appear larger.


When wearing low cut necklines look for bras like these: “A” cups and smaller should look for a shape boosting push-up bra under a plunging neckline. Remember, a little padding goes a long way. Anything that increases your breast size by more than one cup size will look fake. With “B” or “C” cups you should look for bump pads. These sit on the sides of the cups, as opposed to the bottom, giving you lift and cleavage. Look for barely-there center panel which work great with a deep plunge. Make sure you have slim straps and that any lace lies nicely on you body to make your bra unnoticeable under low tops and camis. For “D” cups and above your best friend under a deep neckline will be a balconette or demi-style bra. These styles have abbreviated cups that will cradle the bottom halves of your breasts. A wide center panel will allow you to show off your decolletage without losing any support. Going strapless? Look for these bras. “A” cups should look for a strapless bra with a snug band that will stay in place. It should be tight enough for one finger to fit underneath thus avoiding any riding up. Silicone trim can also be useful to keep cups smooth against the skin. Look for a barely there center or a u-shaped plunge to make your bra more versatile for a variety of necklines. Look for a band that hugs your sides if you wear a “B” or “C” cup. Keep the bands smooth but comfortably tight with silicone trim to keep the bra from sliding down. Your bra will be more versatile if you get one with convertible straps. For “D” cups and above, accurate cup size is the key to a great fitting strapless bra. If the cups are too small they won't anchor you breasts comfortably to your body. A band with three or four rows of hooks will give you lift. Check that the center panel lies flat on you chest for the best look. Casual clothes call for bras like these: A relaxed, wire-free design with diagonal seaming on the cups will give structure for “AAA” to “A” cups. Those of you with “A” cups have the choice of skipping the under-wire but proper support is still key. An elastic under-band with adjustable strips will always help. For “B” and “C” cups under-wire is important. You need the extra support. Many flexible mesh options offer just the right support while providing lots of comfort. Horizontal and vertical stitching can provide contouring without that pointy effect. If you have “D” cups or above consider lace. Surprisingly, lace can be among the most comfortable options for large busts because it holds you in better than cotton or microfiber. Under casual clothes look for a seamed under-wire style made of stretchy lace. Make sure you choose wider straps that won't dig into your shoulders. It might seem a little daunting shopping for a new bra wardrobe but if you keep these tips in mind and focus on what you will be wearing over the bra, shopping should be a breeze.

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