Lingerie Gone Wrong

So...where do we go wrong with our undergarments? For one thing we tend to hang onto our bras too long. When did we become lingerie hoarders? If the back is riding up or your straps are falling off your shoulders it's time to get rid of that bra. Think of the extra space you will acquire in your drawer for all your new bras. Here are a couple of tips to check out whether your bra fits the way it should. Try slipping your index and middle fingers under the back of your bra while you are wearing it. You should have a snug fit; but it's too tight if you can't get two fingers in there. Conversely, if you can fit three fingers under the band, it's too loose. While you are checking for proper fit, make sure that the front center of your bra where the cups meet, lies flat against your sternum. If your bra can't pass any of these tests then it's time to toss it.


The best way to keep your bras in great shape is to properly rotate them. Keep four to six bras in action per week. Don't use the same bra two days in a row, give it time to air out between wearings. Be sure to hand-wash your bras with a very gentle detergent. There are a number of good ones on the market made specifically for lingerie but you don't have to go overboard. Woolite in cold water works just fine. Remember, heat is the biggest enemy of good lingerie. Avoiding hot water and mechanical dryers will keep your bras in peak condition. If you can help it, don't buy all you replacement bras at the same time. When you start to wear them together they will tend to wear out together. It's easier on your budget if you acquire your bras over time like curating a fine collection. They won't wear out as a group. Besides, it's more fun. Another mistake is color...or the lack thereof. We Americans tend to like our bras to be very utilitarian: nude or black only please. Have a little fun. Go out on a limb and try a little color. European women have it right. Just look at the luscious lingerie they wear in every hue of the rainbow. Even if you are the only one to see that amazing orchid bra you put on this morning just think how fabulous it makes you feel. We can pick up another tip from our European cousins: lace. It's their secret weapon. They always have a bit of lace peaking through from their straps or cup. Just enough to tease leaving the rest to the imagination. All these pointers make just as much sense for your panties. They should fit comfortably without riding up or gaping. No snags allowed. Wash after every use but be gentle and avoid too much heat. Do yourself a favor and go into you lingerie drawer. Take an assessment of you lingerie situation. Get rid of those old and battered items. They are not doing you any favors. Double check the fit. Is it right? If not, toss it. Do you have enough bras and panties to keep a good rotation and to get you through to laundry day? If not it's time to stock up. A great way to replenish your lingerie drawer is to shop on-line. Curvy Couture is the perfect place to start. Why keep going wrong with your lingerie when you can go oh so right with Curvy Couture.

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