Bra Features You Never Thought Possible in Your Size!

As a curvy woman, you likely know that bra shopping typically doesn’t come with the most versatile or flattering of options. If you want a curvy bra that is cute, you are likely going to have to settle for one that doesn’t have many features and may not even fit well. Why should we have to sacrifice features and fit to have a bra that remotely looks feminine?

The truth is, at Curvy Couture that sacrifice never has to be made. Designer Dora Lau knows that curvy bras need to offer versatility and features for the wearer because not all women are made the same. She also knows that the fit and appearance of your bra are both significant in determining whether or not you like your bra. So, aside from creating curvy bras that fit well and come in a multitude of sizes, she has created some of the most elegant and sexy designs for curvy underwear around. And, to make these bras even better, she has chosen to offer some great features in each and every one of her bras.

Curvy Couture Versatile Plus Size Lingerie Fashion

From cookies to convertible straps and wicking material, most curvy bras sold in department stores rarely offer any of these features, let alone come in a color that isn’t black, white or nude. So, next time you plan on settling for a ‘plain jane’ bra that you find at a department store, do yourself a favor and stop yourself! If you want comfort, fashion and features in a curvy bra, then you want Curvy Couture!

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