Underwire or No Underwire?

Underwires, some women can’t live with them, and others can’t live without them. When speaking about bra underwires there are certainly varied opinions as to whether or not they are necessary and whether or not they are actually comfortable. Depending on who you are, and what you have become accustomed to, you might only shop for bras that have, or don’t have, underwires. However, it can’t hurt to find out what you are missing out on with another type of bra, so take a look at what are the pros of going wireless and having a wire.

Underwire Bras

For the most part, underwire bras tend to last longer than a bra that doesn’t have a wire. The reason for this is that there is simply something more to hold the shape of the bra for a longer period of time, especially through washes and wears. Additionally, the presence of a wire helps to keep the cups from shifting during physical activities and regular wear, so you are less likely to have accidents and slip outs. Most women also recognize that underwires in bras can keep your breasts from drooping, which is particularly important for curvy women. Curvy bras can also help to give your breasts the necessary push up they need to give yourself the perfect amount of cleavage for certain tops and to perfect your silhouette.

Wireless Bras

On the other hand, wireless bras have the benefit of having no wire to rub against your skin or poke you, which can happen quite often for underwire bra wearers. Wireless bras help to give your breasts a more natural appearance and allow them to breathe a little more without feeling stifled. Additionally, if you like the feeling of being natural, then curvy bras without an underwire are often more comfortable. Certain dresses and low cut shirts may also look better when you don’t use a bra that has an underwire, such as those thin, girly summer dresses.

Wire or no wire, curvy bras should always be available with both options, though this may not be the case in some department stores. You might benefit from having a wide selection of your favorite kind of bra, and then having at least one of the other type, especially for certain outfits.

Whether you like underwires or not, when shopping for curvy bras you can feel confident that you will find both from options from CurvyCouture.

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