Breast Cancer Awareness Month Brings Inspiration for Body Positivity

As we all know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It’s an important time of the year to make appointments for mammograms, learn more about the risks and prevention of breast cancer, and support those who have been affected. Each year the team at Curvy Couture thinks about what we can do to make a difference. As a strong voice in the body positivity movement, this year we were inspired by some truly exceptional individuals who are empowering thousands of women with their messages of support and self acceptance.


During this month, Curvy Couture has been featuring women that embody a passion for body positivity. Melissa Jansen (IG_@idontneedtwo) is someone that truly stood out for us. Through her blog, social media, and network of friends around the world, Melissa is on a mission to make sure that women know that after mastectomy you can still be beautiful and graceful in your body. She fearlessly posts photos of herself that are both artistic and thought provoking, and sets an example of how to live life with a positive sprit, no matter what comes your way. Visual representation is paramount to her mission and vision, and she often shows her scar as a role model for breast cancer patients. We were impressed with the photo’s artistic perspective.


As Melissa told us, “My photos on instagram and my website have helped a mass amount of women who were in fear of what they would look like if they chose to forego breast reconstruction. That is my mission and there is nothing that helps more than a beautiful image.” Thank you Melissa for truly showing us what it means to be positive about our bodies and for giving strength to so many women that are near and far. Photography is by Stefanie Elizabeth Photography


Sylvia Dunnavant Hines, Celebrating Life Foundation Founder and Executive Director, is inspiring us with her passion to help others.   Sylvia created the Sister to Sister 5K Run/Walk as a way to bring awareness to breast cancer specifically for African American women. Both the number of women in the United States acquiring breast cancer and dying from the disease is decreasing. However, women of color, specifically African American women, still are diagnosed after the disease has progressed, which leads to a 46% higher death rate, according to the American Cancer Society and the National Institute of Health.


“I started the foundation and the walk because too frequently, women of color I knew would not discuss their illnesses, would delay seeking medical treatment, and then they died too soon,” Sylvia said. “The foundation encourages women to get annual mammograms and learn more about breast health. If they have breast cancer, we help them find organizations that offer support services.”


Curvy Couture participated in the event, led by team captain, Janet Jack. As a sponsor, Curvy Couture provided a financial donation, created a gift basket for a raffle prize, and shared information about the range of beautiful bra styles that are comfortable, stylish, and help women feel great about themselves. “At this event, I’ve met so many women who are curvy and feel great about themselves. It’s wonderful to speak with them, tell them about Curvy Couture, and talk about the importance of mammograms and regular check-ups. Celebrating Life is an important organization and has done so much great work for so many women. We are trilled to have a team and to be participating at the Sister to Sister 5K,” says Janet Jack.


Actress Kym Whitley among others spoke with members of the Curvy Couture team about the importance of screenings and embracing a person’s size. There were a lot of laughs and a positive vibe about reaching your full potential through a positive outlook.


As we reflect on Breast Cancer Awareness month 2018, we are motivated to take better care of ourselves, inspired to participate in events that support important causes, and give thanks to individuals who are exceptionally brave in their mission to helping women accept their bodies and feel positive about themselves.

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