Curvy Couture Sports Bras Put to the Test

This was a guest blog feature written by Natasha Nurse of Dressing Room 8.

Curvy Couture Fitness Bras Put to the Test

Fitness is not something that comes natural to me. In fact, it is something that I must work hard at. Why? I don’t enjoy sweating, pain, or feeling exhausted. Do you want to know something funny? The more that I move my body the easier it becomes to do it!

It probably doesn’t surprise you to know that working out is ACTUALLY good for you. According to healthline

  • It Can Make You Feel Happier
  • It Is Good for Your Muscles and Bones
  • It Can Increase Your Energy Levels
  • It Can Reduce Your Risk of Chronic Disease
  • It Can Help Skin Health
  • It Can Help Your Brain Health and Memory

Must I go on???

This summer, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and that meant one very specific thing for me. I could no longer deny my health. I must prioritize my health each day. It doesn’t matter how busy I am, I need to eat well, move my body and take care of myself.  

Working out means that I need the proper bra support to help me on my fitness journey. Being that I have big boobs (size 40H), finding a good sports bra can be more challenging than it needs to be. When choosing the best sports bra, do I go with a wired or non-wired bra? Does it make a difference? I wanted to put Curvy Couture to the test. Do you know what I realized? I can wear either a wired or non-wired bra and feel completely supported because of the superior quality of both of the bras. Sadly, I have not been able to say that too many other times in my life.  

Let’s Discuss

When I work out, I like to go to the gym for cardio and weight training or I like to play tennis, racket ball or go swimming. Of course, I also need to walk my dog which helps me get away from the desk to enjoy some sunshine and fresh air.


Confident Fit Wire-Free Sports Bra – Black & Silver

Curvy Couture Confident Fit Wire Free Sports Bra Natasha Nurse of Dressing Room 8Curvy Couture Confident Fit Wire Free Sports Bra Natasha Nurse of Dressing Room 8

How cute is this bra? I thought this bra was super chic and fashionable. When I put it on for tennis practice on the racquetball court, I felt confident, sexy, and capable. As I switched between hitting the tennis ball with my forehand or my backhand, I didn’t have to worry if my girls were going to move or get in my way. My boobs stayed put and I was able to focus on hitting the tennis ball. Essentially, it was the definition of a great sports bra.

Want to know more Bra Details?

According to Curvy Couture, this bra is designed for the curvy girl that is looking for maximum support with the comfort of a no-wire.  Its molded contour cups are engineered with zone compression to support your high impact activities.  The wire-free convertible sports bra is designed to cover every element of your active lifestyle.   

Ultimate Fit Underwire Sports Bra – Heather Grey

Curvy Couture Ultimate Fit Underwire Sports Bra Natasha Nurse of Dressing Room 8

Curvy Couture Ultimate Fit Underwire Sports Bra Natasha Nurse of Dressing Room 8

When I put on this bra, one word came to mind: Yaaassssss! Was I worried that the underwire would bother me or cut into my chest? Yes. Was I wrong? Yes. This bra provided support without pain. Can you imagine that? I was able to walk my adorable dog JJ without worrying about my boobs. In fact, I was so comfortable, I took time to dance a little when I was listening to some exciting reggaeton tunes. Really, this bra felt like my own personal party of comfort and style.

Want to know more details about the bra?

According to Curvy Couture, this bra is Functional and Fashionable. And in full support of your active lifestyle. This stylish sports bra has it all! Amp up your workout routine with its no bounce cups and breathable mesh panels. Its moisture-wicking fabric keeps you cool, dry and oh so stylish.

Which Bra Did I Prefer?

To be honest, I can’t choose between the Confident Fit Wire-Free Sports Bra or the Ultimate Fit Underwire Sports Bra. They both fit so well and made me feel supported that I would wear either one for working out. Thank You Curvy Couture for making such amazing bras!

Are You Ready to Try a Curvy Couture Sports Bra for Yourself?

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