Curvy Couture x Jessie Lupinetti

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Curvy Couture x Jessie Lupinetti

This month we've teamed up with the inspirational Plus Size Model Jessie Lupinetti.

Read more on what she has to say below or on her blog.  

"Before hearing from Curvy Couture, I had always dealt with the same exact problem: ill-fitting bras. Being a plus size woman with a small bust, I could never find a bra that fit just right. I measure at 43 inches around my bust and my breasts fit a C cup. At Victoria's Secret, the largest bra that somewhat fit was a 38DD, but the fit around my bust was too tight and I'd have that extra bulge around my upper back/armpit so I ended up spending even more money trying to find shape wear that smoothed out the back. At Torrid, I wear a size 40C. I could have worn a 42C but I didn't get the lift that I prefer from the 40C. However, the 40C still gave me the back bulge and I was constantly having to put my breasts back in place. It's an issue that I just learned to deal with over time. Until I came across Curvy Couture. 
Every single bra from Curvy Couture fits like a dream. I get the lift I like, I no longer have the bulge in the back, and I've never been so comfortable. 
Normally, I couldn't wait to get home to rip my bra off. Now, I can't wait to get home to take my shirt off and walk around in my bra. Seriously! They're all so pretty and so flattering. 
For any of you looking to go from awkward and uncomfortable to the perfect fit, let me give you my rundown of some of my favorites:
The Zip Fit Underwire Push Up Sports Bra: provides amazing support while allowing me to still feel sexy aka no uniboob!! 
The Strapless Sensation Multi-Way Push Up: comes with removable straps so you have the option to go strapless, halter, center halter, cross front, cross back, or even one strap. Also, normally a strapless bra wouldn't support and lift my breasts, but this bra does!! 
The Flawless Contour Wire Free: comfortable enough to sleep in and is perfect for an everyday day bra.  
The Tulip Lace Push Up: gives that va-va-voom effect. The lace and rhinestone details gives it a sexy touch. This is also my husband's personal favorite. 
Lastly, the Dream Lift Push Up: the perfect combination of sexy comfort. I would definitely wear this bra for long hour photoshoots. 
If you haven't already checked out Curvy Couture, do yourself a favor and take a look, I can't recommend them highly enough.  Their entire team is amazing and will work with you to find the perfect fit. With their incredible fit and quality, you can't go wrong with any bra in their collection.  They've made me a believer and loyal customer--I'm never wearing another brand of bra ever again!
- Jessie Lupinetti"

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