1) It’s All About The Band

We’re not talking about your favorite music group, although nothing pumps us up in the morning while getting dressed like our favorite playlist.  Here’s the surprising hack: A Tight Band Is the Right Band.  We’re not saying you should be uncomfortable and feeling like you can’t breath.  We’re saying that you need to get the support you deserve.  You know you’ve got the correct size band when the fit is a bit snug.  Why, you ask? It’s acts like a foundation and provides the basis of support.  In fact, the band does 80% of the job.

Just remember, when you get a smaller band size, you need to go one size bigger in the cup. It’s ok, really, your shape will thank you for it.  We know the feeling and we wouldn’t share this hack if it wasn’t true. Need help with finding your fit? We’ve made it easy.

Curvy Couture Tulip Strappy Lace Push Up Bra

2) All Size Busts CAN Wear Strapless

Until now it’s been ridiculously difficult for curvy ladies who require larger cup sizes to find a strapless bra.  But those days are over.  Sexy strapless dresses and tops are no longer elusive! You’ve probably shopped a bit for your dream strapless bra and even read a few reviews online.  Some styles have thick bottom straps and others have almost none.  What makes the Curvy Couture Strapless Sensation different?  The technology and engineering that went into the design. Yup, it may not sound sexy, but it sure is reliable.  We literally tested dozens of prototypes to make sure women are comfortable and have the support they need.  Here’s the hack: Contoured cups offer targeted shaping with push-up and support just where you need it. This ensures that everything stays in place on any body.

The Strapless Sensation: It’s also a multi-way bra so you actually get 7-in-1! It creates the sensational lift-loving shape that you crave, and if you don’t believe us check out the amazing reviews. You can even read about some sexy ladies wearing this bra.  


Curvy Couture Multi Way Push Up Bra Strapless Sensation


3) Nude (Not White) Won’t Show Through Your Shirt

Bra lines, like panty lines, are annoying.  Many women are probably thinking that they don’t want to give up their cute or sexy lacy bra for a boring and functional no-frills bra that won’t show.  We’re here to tell you that there is a solution to your VBL (visible bra line) problem.  The truth is, and here’s the hack, the problem is really with the color.  Most ladies think that white won't show, right? White t-shirt means white bra, right? Wrong. You get dressed, gasp in horror, and see that the bra is showing through! That’s because the problem is really with the color, not the bra.  See for yourself.  A nude-colored bra is pretty much always your best bet when you’re going for the invisible look.   

We’re here to tell you that you don’t have to give up beautiful and sexy styles to achieve it either.  There are several bras that will achieve this look from Curvy Couture, and one example is the Lace Shine T-Shirt Bra. The name says it all. The lace you love, the smooth shine you need.

Curvy Couture Lace Shine T-Shirt Bra


4) Molded Cups - Don’t Believe the Bulk

You see a bra you like, you noticed it has a molded cup “padding” and you put it back thinking, “I don’t want the bulk”   Here’s the hack: once you have the right size bra, a molded cup will give you the shape you’ve only dreamed about.  Your waist will look more defined, everything will go into place and stay that way.  Remember how we mentioned that every Curvy Couture bra features hidden technology and engineering? Here’s another great example. Our molded bra styles feature hi-tech fabrics, carefully measured cup sizes, and attention to details that make it comfortable and sexy at the same time.

You probably won’t believe it until you try, so here are some great examples like the Matte & Shine T-shirt Bra, Perfect Plunge, or Flawless Lace Smoother.


5) Shower With Your Sports Bra

There’s nothing like a good workout.  But what about the bra? Curvy Couture Sport features moisture wicking fabric that keeps you cool, dry and stylish.  Our recommended hack is to actually take the bra in the shower with you and wash it by hand.  You’ll notice that it will last much longer and be fresh and ready to go for the next work out.  These bras are so pretty you might not wait for the workout! The fabric is meant to dry quickly which is an added bonus.  Check out our favorite Curvy Couture Sports styles here.


Curvy Couture Confident Fit Wire Free Sports Bra

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