Curvy Couture's LGBTQIA+ Pride Guide

Welcome to our Pride Guide! We're happy you're here. 

Supporting the LGBTQIA+ community every day is part of our Every Kind of Curvy mission. We aim to advocate and celebrate you all year-round and are committed to love, acceptance and equality for all.   

Here’s our guide on how to support this community this Pride Month and beyond. 

  1. Educate Yourself

Expand your LGBTQIA+  knowledge by discovering queer history and diverse experiences. You can read, watch, and challenge biases for more understanding.  

  1. Support Queer People

Be an ally. Did you know that over a third of LGBTQIA+  youth say they don’t believe they will live past the age of 35, according to recently published data from The Trevor Project’s 2023 National Survey on the Mental Health of LGBTQ Young People. Being an ally can save lives. 

Listen. Use inclusive language and stand against discrimination—help speak up for people when you can. 

  1. Celebrate Pride, Outside of Pride Month

Not only can you attend events, decorate, and enjoy inclusive activities, but you can also volunteer! Plus, there’s an opportunity to engage in events supporting LGBTQIA+ locally and nationally even outside of Pride Month. 

  1. Amplify Queer Voices

Uplift others by promoting artists, musicians, and activists. There’s a chance to share, attend, and encourage representation everywhere.  

  1. Advocate for LGBTQIA+ Rights

Fight for equality! Together we can help change the social, economic and political equity with the queer community through grassroots activism, mutual aid, and more. Support organizations, stay informed, and take action. 

  1. Spread Love

The best way to spread love is to offer safe spaces when listening to the queer community, giving resources, and continuing to be open. We’re stronger together! We love you.  

Inclusion means everything to us at Curvy Couture, so we wanted to showcase some of our favorite artists from the LGBTQIA+ community for Pride Month and beyond! 


Curvy Couture will be partnering with the Los Angeles LGBT Center for a 3rd year. In June we'll be sponsoring Trans Pride LA.

This is one of the nation’s oldest and most iconic celebrations of the vibrant trans, gender non-conforming, intersex, nonbinary (TGI/ENBY+) community, allowing guests to revel in community freedom and identity.
This two-day FREE event features a thought-provoking panel series for advocacy and dialogue, a resource fair, a queer and local vendor fair, food vendors, a fashion show, workshops, live art, stage performances, and a variety of other
activities. Trans Pride LA promotes accessibility, inclusivity, and Pride for all. RSVP Here. 

In addition, we'll be donating bras and panties to their homeless youth because everyone deserves new and cute intimates. 

Check out our collection of colorful bras so you can express yourself this Pride Month. 

Happy Pride, we love you!

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