Curvy Girl May: Maui Bigelow

This month Curvy Couture recognizes Maui Bigelow as Curvy Girl May. I am Maui Bigelow, a single mother who takes pride in being an advocate for the female gender. Since I was a young girl, my dream has been to be a teacher, a writer and a mentor, which is what I have been doing for over 10 years. At that same young age I began to realize my purpose, which is to use my truth and my gifts to empower, educate and enlighten the female gender. This is what lead me to create my brand PHAT GIRL FRESH. IF YOU LEARN TO LIVE OUTSIDE OF
I have experienced my share of hardships throughout my life; being molested at age 10, surviving breast cancer and living with Keratoconus. However, I learned to appreciate them. Those experiences made me who I am today. I am a very passionate person and I make it a habit of putting my all into every task I am faced with. My message while teaching remains the same for both the youth, and the adults; “anything is possible” and “if you learn to live outside of your situation, you can overcome it.” I promote self love because it is my belief that love is the greatest thing anyone can produce. Not only does it eradicate hate but it opens doors that allow you to give love, receive love and heal things that are broken. I know that womanhood does not greet every girl in the same manner but there are things that each of us must grasp in order to make the transition. My goal is to cater to the souls of my sisters (women) because many times we find ourselves discouraged, beat down and depressed about who society say’s we are or aren’t. I understand the importance of women and believe that there are certain characteristics we should embody: passion about life, happiness with who we are, appreciation for our gifts and remaining true to ourselves and others……… PHAT GIRL FRESH. Connect with Maui via:Maui Bigelow Facebook

For her passion and inspiration, Maui Bigelow is our May Curvy Girl. Are you our next Curvy Girl of the Month? Click here to enter for a chance to win a free lingerie wardrobe and be featured on

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