Fashion Is No Place For Sleepwalkers...

Fashion moves in two directions. Fashion can run up from the streets to the couture football jerseys and sport clothes being captured in super lux ways by the biggest fashion houses. And then there is the trickle down effect. It may take a while but fashion trends that were too “out there” to consider when we first saw them on the runways last fall are now showing up everywhere. Let's discuss one trend that I would have rather seen trickle away rather than trickle down: Pajama Sets and Negligees as street wear. It's one thing to see Pucci or Prada pajamas out for a night on the town worn by super models or super bodies. It's quite another thing to see George from across the street showing up at a neighborhood get together in his “jammies.” I did not need to see that. And see it I did...Sorry George but this was not a pajama party. When asked about his wardrobe choice, George laughed and said if it was good enough for Hef, it was alright with him. Okay, so maybe Hugh Hefner always wore pajamas. Face it! He never left the house. This was not a party at the Playboy Mansion. IF YOU WANT TO MAKE A STATEMENT...MAKE IT! JUST BE SURE YOU HAVE THOUGHT IT THROUGH. Once George appeared to have broken the local PJ barrier I began to see what I call “Sleepwalkers” everywhere. At a recent charity function where dressing up was expected, several of the attendees actually forgot to wear their dresses. Instead they decided to let their negligees and corsets take center stage. Not great! They also forgot that they needed proper support under those too thin and clingy slips. Wearing your nightie out does require some strategic planning. Might I suggest wearing the proper under garments when wearing no garments. Just saying. On your next trip to the mall check for the P.J. trend. It's all over the place. I am not talking camisoles under a jacket here. It's going full tilt. Corsets are being worn over jeans with kids in tow. Bright red and blue paisley pajamas complete with a man purse and tennis shoes was just too scary to contemplate. Here's one I just loved...beautiful silk and lace slip covered up with a ratty cardigan sweater. I guess it was a little chilly. My point here is a simple one. Just because they do it in New York or Hollywood does not mean that a particular fashion trend will translate to your life. Approach a trend like “Sleepwalking” with caution. Make sure you do it in the right place and for the right reason. If you want to make a statement...make it! Just be sure you have thought it through. Is it right for the event or place? Do you look good from every angle? Will it look good over time. Remember silk, especially tight silk, will wrinkle. Is it right for you. If it is...go for it. If not, keep the “Sleepwalking” at home. Let us know what you think! If you are a “Sleepwalker” tell us why and how it works for you. If you are wide awake and would rather leave your P.J.'s at home let us know that too.

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