Denim Conversation

The weather has turned cool and I'm reaching in my closet for my denim. While my jeans look okay and they fit pretty well...something was missing. After all, what do my jeans really say about me? Am I just bored with them? Or can I say more about who I am with my denim choices? That got me thinking. There is an endless variety of denim jeans out there. Why not think about them as an extension of my personality. Who am I...denim-wise? Let's see.


Am I sophisticated? If that's the case I could never wear jeans with holes in them. They need to be sleek, expensive-looking and tasteful. Can't get too flashy here. But everything has to be the best! Cashmere turtlenecks, the perfect white silk shirt and a sharply tailored jacket will all fit the bill. I will need to pair these sleek jeans with minimal pieces like a fine leather box bag and single sole pointy pumps. Here's something that could amp up the sophistication level: How about a sleek pencil skirt in denim? Or maybe I want to be an out-there rocker chick. But I can't try too hard here. Everything has to be easy and cool. How about a simple white T and a slouchy worn leather moto? No maybe I do better with a vintage animal skin coat. I do know I need a pair of chunky biker boots. What did I do with that cool spiky bracelet? Where are those concert tickets? Is Preppy still an option? I'm not talking about plaids and polos. I can do better than that. Striped Ts or freshly starched oxford shirts are more what I have in mind. They would pair nicely with any of the colorful knits I already have. The key here for a cool prepster look is to keep everything clean and defined. Heels and gaudy jewelry have no place here. Cool minimal flats and a boyfriend watch will work well with a great leather tote. It's an easy look that says I put a little thought into it. Can we be a little more creative? I think so. For a creative look I am going to pair my slightly and strategically torn denims with an artfully cropped tunic top or an oversized cardigan. I'm going to try rolling my jeans at the ankles for a bit of eccentricity and pair them with super comfy loafers. My bag will be a great expandable leather hobo tote in an unexpected color. I really like this look. The point here is to look at jeans from a new angle and try something different. Denim can be something that we put no thought into...something that can quickly become a same-old same-old uniform. Or it can become something completely different. I don't want that uniform look anymore. I want my denim to become an extension of my personality to show the world who I am. That's a much better approach...don't you think?

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