Get the Support Your Curves Crave

If you’re a woman with curves, there has likely been a time in your life when you purchased plus size bras that simply didn’t give you the support you needed. Whether your breasts seemed to pop out at all sides, or there was simply too much movement for your comfort, we have all been there. It almost makes you feel like there is something wrong with you when you can’t find big bras that actually makes you want to wear it and feel good in the process. So, is there ever any hope for finding a bra that actually fits?

You’ll be happy to know that there is a light at the end of the never-ending tunnel to the perfect plus size lingerie. But, before you can find a bra that meets your supportive needs, you have to know what good support looks and feels like.

A bra that supports you and fits properly should…

  • Never feel constricting
  • Never squeeze breast tissue
  • Never dig into the soft tissue of the underarm
  • Never cause a bump between the transition of the breast to the top of the cup
  • Never cause gaping when you bend
  • Feel comfortable to move around in
  • Feel as though it is gently hugging your breasts

The challenge that comes with purchasing plus size bras, is that not many stores carry them, which means that selection is limited, forcing us to sort of chose what we can. But, thankfully that doesn’t have to happen anymore. You can get the fit and the support that your curves crave from a plus size lingerie manufacturer that makes their big bras specifically for women with curves. Curvy Couture provides women with all sizes of curves access to big bras that are inspired by Hollywood couture and designed with support and comfort in mind.

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