Valentine's Day 2014: Creative Last Minute Gift Ideas For Him...

Valentines Day is upon us once again.  If you’re like me, you’re probably thinking UH-OH!! As always not much thought went into Valentine’s Day, it’s not a “holiday” we really celebrate. Well this year I wanted it to be different, this year I wanted to surprise him with something he’s been wanting.  Unfortunately I have procrastinated once again, so I’m left with being creative. What can I do that will:

A. Make him feel special B. work within my budget C. Can be done in one day

Below is my list of last minute, wonderfulness....Hope this helps you as well!

BEER & NUTS Beer and nuts go together like love and hearts, plus it's affordable, accessible, and if you do it right, classy. A bold, flavorful beer will show your valentine that you care about taste in more ways than one. Spending a couple of extra dollars at the grocery store can get you a pretty package of nuts. You also get bonus points if you know your man's favorite kind.

WINE & CHEESE If your beau doesn’t like beer (or nuts). Wine and cheese is your next best bet.  I welcome this gift any time of the year, but this isn’t about me.  Red or white there is always cheese that is paired well. I like to pair a nice chardonnay with a creamy brie, or sauvignon blanc with gruyere.  YUMMM If red is more his flavor, my go to pairings are merlot or a cabernet sauvignon.  Both pair well with cheddar or gouda....who doesn’t like cheddar or gouda????

A GOOD BOOK A book is another way to show your man love without getting too emotional on him. This gift is especially good if you haven't been dating too long. Practical gifts are always a winner because it will come in handy no matter the future of your relationship (although we hope for the best). Try looking into his favorite television shows or movies, of which many are based off of books.

LASTING MEMORIES A picture is worth a thousand words. A framed picture might seem like a cliche gift, but it doesn't have to be. Try to think of a way to encapsulate a favorite memory between the two of you. Maybe it's a picture from a hike you went on, a picture of your favorite team, whose stadium you love visiting, or maybe it's a photo of the sunrise, which you lovers have watched together. Perhaps you two plan on traveling to Paris one day. Frame a picture of the city to remind your partner of the good times to come.

If all else fails, a sexy picture of you wearing something from Curvy Couture’s After Dark Collection serves plenty of purposes, the most important of which is keeping you on your man's mind.

A SPECIAL DATE It might be hard to find a intimate place to get dinner or a movie this Friday. Try to jazz up your date a different way.  Instead of getting dressed up to eat, why not pick up his favorite food from his go-to deli or take-out place.

Perhaps cooking his favorite meal is the best way to his heart or stomach, either way he will be full of great food and happy it was made by the one he loves.

Another idea is to schedule your “date” doing something HE likes to do, this can be planned for the near future. Kind of like an I.O.U! Follow his lead when it comes to his interests.  A man typically isn’t drawn to a woman’s interests.  For example, how many men would you find at a scrapbook party? Not too many!  If he’s interested in golf, try golfing with him. If he’s interested in shooting, go to a shooting range with him.  Sporting events?  Give it a try.

CHOCOLATES, CAKE OR CANDIES A triple threat, my beau would be happy with all the same time.  If you plan on giving one of these more conventional gift items, why  not add your personal touch by making them yourself?  Several easy-to-make cakes and chocolate recipes can be found on the Internet.  Just follow the instructions and make a gift that will definitely be appreciated by your love.

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