It's Time To Just Do

While playing golf, recently, one of our foursome called: “Do-Over” on a missed putt. As we all should know, in golf, a do-over is actually called a mulligan. And there are no mulligans allowed in golf. Needless to say, no do-over was given. As the round continued our “do-over” player decided that instead of getting angry she would just do better. As the round progressed she paid more attention to each shot. Concentration was the key. She won the round. In the end she didn’t need a do-over in the first place, all she needed was to do better.

The rules of golf proved to be a great motivator for our playing partner. The motivation to do better can be very powerful. However, as we all have experienced, motivation can be difficult to sustain over time.

Brian Burchard, a leader in the field of personal growth and author of The Motivation Manifesto, says that the key to getting motivated and staying motivated is “attention and effort.” Motivation comes from effort and effort breeds the feeling of being even more motivated.

We just have to get out there and do!

Bruchard feels that “the act of pursuing our dreams” and living fully is what “allows us to feel alive.” Being alive doesn’t happen in silence or repression. “Aliveness happens in action” Here are six key points for The Motivation Manifesto that can lead to real action:

Stay out of your own way.

We are very often our own worst enemy. We limit ourselves. We stay at home instead of going out to explore. We procrastinate only to discover later that the task we were avoiding wasn’t so bad after all. We have to be more active in our lives and steadily move forward with intent to truly live with our best self. We need to allow ourselves to live, not just be free of the bad things that may happen, but to be free to experience the good things that make us feel alive.
Stop being so afraid.

Anxiety can come creeping into our minds at any moment. It’s the fear of loss or hardship that often stop us even before we begin. The first thing we have to ask ourselves is whether or not what we fear is true. When we step back and examine these fears we realize that they are the result of our own undirected mind. These fears are actually the result of bad thinking habits that we can change by focusing on potentially positive outcomes instead of negativity.

Believe in yourself.

When we are hopeful but not motivated, we need have a little more faith in ourselves. Don’t just hope you can do something. Believe you will do something to the very best of your ability. Pull up all the motivation you can muster and start doing. You can do this. You must do this. You believe in yourself and you can actually see the dream. Self-belief can be truly inspiring.

Build your support system.

In the past you have let others work as obstructions to your goals. You all can relate to the friend who insists on you trying her dessert even though she knows you are on a diet. Well, it’s time to stop seeing others as obstacles to dreams. See them as collaborators. Sit with your family and friends and let them know what you want to do with your life. Tell them why. Ask for their support. It’s surprising how quickly they will become you allies.

It didn’t work…shake it off.

So what if that diet didn’t work as fast as you hoped. That’s no reason to stop. Instead, focus on what parts of the diet did work. Problem-solve around the parts that didn’t work and fix them. Use your support system for ideas. It’s okay to be disappointed when things don’t go as planned. Failure is never truly failure; it’s a chance to learn, grow and improve. Use disappointment to become even stronger.

Always look for the joy.

It isn’t always easy. We all have tremendous issues that appear before us every day. It’s how we meet those issues that make all the difference in whether or not our lives are fully realized. Be bold and fearless and meet each day with our minds in control of our motivation to be better, to be happier and to be more free than we ever thought possible. Forget about the “do-overs”. It time to just do…

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