Lingerie Addict is Addicted to Curvy Couture

Curvy Couture presents some of the most fashionable curvy lingerie women can find. It is easy to become addicted to these fashions, just as Lingerie Addict is! Check out what the underwear experts had to say about Curvy Couture in an excerpt from one of their recent posts.

NYC Lingerie Market S/S 2014

...Curvy Couture is another brand I didn’t exactly feel wowed by when I received their lookbook, but who impressed with their products. That’s really why I like attending the tradeshows; so much of lingerie is how about it feels to the skin or looks to the eye…and that just can’t be conveyed through a two-dimensional photograph. Curvy Couture specializes in bras up to a 44 band a G cup. This floral embroidered underwire was a favorite of mine.

The Lingerie Addicts bring up a great point when they note that a simple picture doesn't do the Curvy Couture fashions justice. The only way to truly get addicted is to try on one of the Curvy Couture lingerie pieces for yourself.

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