Pass Me The Marsala

Each year the color experts at the Pantone Color Institute pull together the country’s most
influential designers from the worlds of architecture,
décor, fashion and graphics to forecast the next trends
in color. For 2015 the experts agree that Marsala will be
the color of the year.

For those of you who have access to Pantones amazing color
resources take a look at Pantone # 18-1438 TCX. For the rest of us
just think of Marsala, that rich, brown, lusciously sweet dessert wine
originally imported from Marsala, Sicily and you’re on the right track. Pantone’s
Marsala is a warm wine color with red-brown undertones. It’s a strong color and
not for the faint of heart; so just a touch will make any outfit look fresh and rich and
new. It works particularly well with the well-worn blue of denim jeans. Marsala will
lift that old pair of denims to a whole new level of sophistication and richness.
Marsala is very much “of the moment.”

The easiest way to try the trend is with a Marsala-hued manicure. Or
just look in your jewelry box for anything that has garnet stones. A
treasured garnet ring or a pair of inherited earrings will look
amazingly fresh on you.

If you are ready to dive a little deeper into the Marsala
color trend, just check out your favorite catalogs,
web-sites and stores to find all kind of fashions
featuring Marsala. Handbags, shoes,
scarves and fashions are all beginning
to showcase the year’s hottest color.
Curvy Couture’s “Love Affair” collection offers delightful hints of Marsala in its Monet inspired floral embroidery. Don’t miss out. But wait! There’s more! Pantone has a number of other colors that 
it predicts will be very strong in 2015. Perhaps, Pantone’s most charming 
recommendation for 2015 is “Strawberry Ice.” Think of a wonderfully sweet 
strawberry slushy on a hot summer afternoon and you have the right color in mind. 
This refreshing pink hue casts a healthy and flattering glow, especially if 
you wear it close to your face. Try pairing it with Camel or a soft 
almond color to amp up the sophistication. Curvy loves this color and 
features it in a number of versatile bra and panty styles. 
“Aquamarine” is another major trend this year. 
Pantone describes this light, airy blue as “cool and 
calming.” For a restful statement, pair 
“Aquamarine” with a cool and frosty gray. 
Pantone also likes the idea of “Classic 
Blue” for a reliable 2015 color. Think 
of a shade of navy that inches 
a little bit more to the blue 
side than black. Great 
clothes in navy blue 
have been hard to 
find recently so 
the timing feels 
right to 
back “Classic 
Blue.” The color 
experts say that this 
blue inspires harmony and 
confidence. Since it is such a 
time honored color, it will be a 
wardrobe workhorse serving as an 
anchor for any of this spring’s power 
My personal favorite of Pantone’s 2015 color 
recommendation is “Tangerine.” I can’t get enough of 
it. (I recently painted a couple of Tangerine accent 
stripes on my bedroom wall. It helps me wake up!) Pantone 
says that this “juicy orange” is a “fun-loving color” that is 
“energizing” and full of life. But, my bedroom not with-standing, a 
little bit truly does go a long way. Still, if you are very brave, try pairing 
“Tangerine” with “Strawberry Ice” or fuchsia. Amazing! 
The thing that is so great about these new color trends from Pantone is that just a 
few, well curated pieces in these wonderful shades will rev up and freshen up your 
wardrobe without a huge dollar commitment on your part. A scarf, a purse, a wow piece 
of jewelry and your closet has a whole new look.

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