Curvy Girl April: Chanell Jones

This month Curvy Couture recognizes Chanell Jones as Curvy Girl April. Four years ago, I decided to become a catalyst to initiate change for curvy women everywhere. I wanted to create a place where women from around the world can come to feel empowered and be amongst other woman that share the same love for their bodies. And for anyone who didn't feel the same, this event could potentially allow them to become inspired and learn to love their curves too. From this desire to help others emerged Curves Rock Fashion Weekend. I AM ENCOURAGING WOMEN TO LOVE THEIR CURVES As a single mother and full time Social Worker, I took a risk by putting myself in the public eye; a leap of faith to help others with little support financially or otherwise. Here I am four years later still loving me and still encouraging many women to love their curves and I am having an amazing time doing it. I am very proud of my accomplishments and each year that I am able to bring more women together, it encourages me to continue to overcome the obstacles that I face, and embrace the challenge for my fellow CURVY DIVAS!

For her compassion for others, Chanell Jones is our April Curvy Girl. Are you our next Curvy Girl of the Month? Click here to enter for a chance to win a free lingerie wardrobe and be featured on

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