See Curvy Couture in Action!!

Last month, on a segment from her new show, Bethenny Frankel showed women how they could solve some of their common breast problems. One guest on her segment, Marilyn, noted she felt her bra was unsupportive and that she wasn’t comfortable with the way she felt.

The solution, according to the bra expert on the show, was to put Marilyn in a bra that’s actually her size and that offered the much needed support she deserved. The solution came in the form of Curvy Couture’s Plunge Bra!

Take a look at Marilyn’s before and after photos! Look at the smile on her face! That’s what a quality, supportive bra can do for any woman. That’s what a Curvy Couture bra can do for you!

Thank you Marilyn and Bethenny for showing us Curvy Couture in action! Check out the full segment on YouTube!

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