What’s Material Got to Do with It?

When it comes to buying clothes, we all think about the material before we put it on. Some women prefer cotton for its breathability, silk for the elegant look or polyester for business outfit. So, if you pay so much attention to the material that your clothing is made out of, why not pay attention to the material that your curvy bras are made from.

Lace bras have long been revered as beautiful, but many women find them itchy and uncomfortable to wear. The Curvy Couture lace big bras are seamless so there is no more scratchy feeling where the seams of your lace bras rub the skin.

Several of the other bras from the Curvy Couture line are made of wicking microfiber to promote breathability and keep sweat away from the skin. This can help to keep your underwire and straps from rubbing on the skin and leaving red, unsightly marks.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to limit yourself to all cotton curvy bras that are plain and simple in order to get a comfortable fit. The Curvy Couture curvy bras are created with comfort and fashion in mind. They make full figure bras of any material feel as good as cotton on your skin.

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